For the Realm

Major Events Spring

Major Events:
• Spring continues
• Titus Lannister is credited with the tactics and plan of the battle that crushed the Burning Brother’s, the High Septon declares him a hero of the faith
• Tristan Lannister seems to have recovered from his bout of illness but has not returned to the strength and endurance he once held.
• Hadrian and Rosmund Lannister have another daughter (a small event held)
• Margot and Yale Tyrell have a son (there is a grand event held for his birth)
• The bastard of Dutch Stark and Jayne Bolton is being fostered in the Reach
• Reynard and Cora Bolton have a daughter (a small event held mostly northern lords)
• The Faith of the Seven have an influx of faithful
• The Greyjoys seems to spend this time strengthening their alliances and lands.
• Valygar Targaryen seems to spend most of the downtime journeying amongst the areas affected by the Burning Brothers and doing charity with Hector Baratheon being his companion.
• Tristana Greyjoy gives Lord Reaper Tallon twin sons ( a rather grand event is held)
• Margot and Yale Tyrell put most of the coin in the reach to rebuild the damage within the Reach.
• Hadrian Lannister puts all of the coin to rebuild the Westerlands
• Desmon Tully puts as much coin into rebuilding the Riverlands as they can afford, with some coin being provided by Lannister, Greyjoy and Tyrell.
• Dutch Stark’s body is discovered in White Harbor’s dungeons though no one remembers how he got there.
• Rumors of Hectoer Baratheon’s low birth continue
• Rhallenyra Targaryen gives birth to a son while still in prisoned on Dragonstone
• Widow Margaret Tyrell gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl.
• A betrothal between Traedenmyre Targaryen and Sara Greyjoy is announced.
• Jace Arryn shows amazing skill at being master of law
• Vhaella Martell Seems to be a harsher hand then those before her and has not gained many favor among the smallfolk and minor lords.
• Ser Randall Bolton of the King’s guard dies of old age.
• Elinor and Lodbrok Botely have a daughter (modest event but small)
• Jareth Baratheon’s long lost brother returns to Westeros
• Hector is knighted
• Dragons are rumored to be hatching
• Valygar is knighted
• Daern and Jaelyn Martell have their first child, a son (large celebration)
• Tomas Baratheon returns to Storm’s End and takes over being Lord from Hector
• An engaggemnt between Tomas Baratheon and Nymeria Martell is announced
• Jaemerys Targaryen, with the evidence brought forward by Valygar Targaryen is no longer banished but is not given back the position of hand
• Hector Baratheon becomes member of the King’s Guard
• Hakkan Greyjoy and Alyna Greyjoy are murdered by assassins
• King Baerion is poisoned, putting him on a bedrest while Grand Maester trys to help him recover.
• Elinor Botely is arrested and charged with: treason, murdering Alayna Grey joy & Hakkan Greyjoy, disrupting the King’s peace and attempting to kill King Baerion.
• House Botely is purged from the Iron islands in the same way House Harlaw was
• Balthon Greyjoy is named warden of the north shortly after his wedding to Opal Stark
• Elinor Botely was renounced and disavowed from the Reach by Lord Marshall Yale Tyrell
• Elinor Botely escapes the black cells after slaying two of her jailers and escaping into the night
• Widow Margaret Tyrell died while on a ship to go and visit her father, along with her children and the child that was rumored to be the bastard of Arianna Webber’s.
• A large amount of money has been offered by the crown for any news or information leading to the recapture of Elinor
• Sara Greyjoy is named Lord commander of the Iron fleet

  • High Septon goes and gives blessing and praise to everyone who was involved in taking down the Burning Brothers
  • Titus Lannister goes on a quest to track down any remaining fallows of the order as well as the person who set up the group, Albert Flowers
  • Titus Lannister returns victorious with the head of Albert Flowers

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