For the Realm

Name Days and a Wedding


After making it home to the Eyrie from King’s landing the fosterlings celebrated Jaelyn Arryn’s name day. Titus was off preaching of the Seven as well as visiting his cousin to make sure his health was improving. There was a joust in her honor. Hector Baratheon was knocked from his horse early in the tournement. Daern Martell and Tallon Greyjoy faced one another and after hitting eachother three times Lord Arryn declared Daern the winner of that round. The final joust was between Valygar Targaryen and Daern with Daern winning. During this visit Yale Stark was seen speaking to Lord Arryn. A raven arrived advising Widow Baratheon had gone missing.

A couple weeks later they celebrated Lady Elinor Tyrell‘s name day. There was an archery competition but a lack of jousting due to the loss recently suffered. There was a horse race which Valygar won (though Daern and he were tied up until Valygar’s horse made a sound that seemed to disquiet Daern’s mount). Another raven arrived stating Widow Baratheon is wanted for her involvement in poisoning the queen which resulted in her death.

The Fosterlings then made their way to the Reach for Margot and Yale’s wedding. It was held in the eyes of the Old Gods with a mix of northern and southern foods and traditions. Most of the families of the Reach and Riverlands were there as well as the Lannisters, Greyjoys, and Boltons. The Targaryens of Dragonstone crashed the feast (something that is still considered an honor) due to traveling to Dorne for Daern and Jaelyn’s wedding within the next couple of weeks. The next morning there was a boat race-which Sara Greyjoy won. There was a joust were a Myster Knight won the whole thing.


Collection of song and stories



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