For the Realm

Summer major events

Summer Major Events:

• The Sword and Stars seem to be in training to become better defenders of the church and those lands near their locations throughout the Realm
• The Wildlings advancement over the wall continue
• Safe houses for the faithful have been setup throughout most of the realm (even with some multi-faithful safe houses setup in the North and Iron islands)
• The North Greyjoy forces have been aiding the Night’s Watch as well as defending the people
• Titus Lannister was elected as High Septon
• An engagement has been announced between Prince Malgaelir Targaryen and Princess (I haven’t been told the name yet) Martell.
• Opal and Balthon Greyjoy have a son.
• Aenar Targaryen died (forgot to put this in the adventure log)
• Valygar Targaryen has offered a reward for anyone who can give information leading to finding Alysanys Targaryen (10 Golden Dragons)
• Paeton Targaryen was recently arrested for trying to set the library in Dragonstone Keep on fire.
• King Baerion has agreed to allow some of the Wildlings to settle in the Gift of the Night’s Watch in order to maintain order and help the watch defend against any coming threats.
• Alyse Martell has been found and returned to Dorne
• Daern Martell seems to be proving himself to be a wonderful Prince of Dorne.
• Daern Martell found Alysanys beheaded body was found in a small keep in the crownlands.
• All those guilty of being involved in the activities that had kidnapped and murdered her were beheaded.
• The Person responsible for hiring the death of Alysanys Targaryen was burned alive.


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