For the Realm

Tangled Web

With the death of Daern Martell King’s landing was in a state of mourning. The trial of Tallon Greyjoy had little and less to stand on and he was free to go with the request of King Baerion to take car eof the iron islands and see if there are any others who are seeking to endanger the lives of the Royal family.

Tallon left for the Iron islands. Maester Jamie had arrived to King’s landing to recieve further learning form the Grand Maester. Titus had hired a sellsword named Clegane.

When Toby Stokeworth dismissed the fosterlings for the small council meeting ( Clegan, [[:alysanys-targaryen | Alysanys Targaryen], Maester Jamie plus the fosterlings [minus Hector] sneaked into the walls to listen to the meeting). During the meeting it was revealed that he had information that implied Archia Martell was involved in the killing of Daern and the attempts on his life. It was also implied that he may have had his sister Alyse Martell and father Prince Hrithik Martell killed in the sick camps. Vhaella Targaryen-Martell was wrath at the accusation against her nine year old son, King Baerion seemed to doubt the sources of such news.

The fosterlings (minus Valygar and Hector) decided to look into the business of the shadow player. After Maester Jamie’s extensive skill, Titus’ ability to have people fallowed and get some letters, with Margot getting some writting from the small council. With everything gathered together it seemed that evidence did seem to point to Hector Baratheon either being the shadow player or at least in his employment. Jaelyn Arryn suggested that a trap be set to prove he was responsible. Clegane warned that he thought it might be a trick.


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