For the Realm

The Game

After two weeks during which Valygar Targaryen has disappeared and Grand Maester Dornel died Titus called the fosterlings (Plus Sellsword Clegan, Maester Jamie and Alysanys Targaryen) to a meeting.

During the meeting each revealed what little they had learned in the two weeks; Margot knew which seller the shadow player was getting ink from and they each throw thoughts around about how Hector was in Dorne and whether that meant he really was the shadow player. Titus advised he thought someone leaked information. Jaelyn advised of what activities she knew the others had been doing. ALysanys reluctently shared that she knew Valygar had confronted Hector. Everyone pressed her for further information which she gave as bits and pieces.

It was decided with the Free Cities seeming to be calm and waiting for some kind of war to break out (which Dorne seems to be prepareing for) they decide to look into as many people with ties to the free cities as possible. They narrow the list (among those alive) to Lord Jace Arryn and Jaemerys Targaryen. Jaelyn Arryn advises with the tourney happening in two weeks she can investigate her father.

During the two weeks Klegan is sent to Dorne to see if he can verify the rumors and if Hector is inprisoned there. Zhoe Lannister is sent to verify with the nobles. (Both do as well as come back that Dorne believes the only living Martell is the young Archia Martell Klegan mentions that there was something odd about the man in Hector’s cell he could not place.)Maester Jamie clears spends his time going through the Grand Maesters things as well as checking in with the Alcemists guild to see who they sold Wyld Fire too (it is a minor lord in the crown lands). Margot speaks to Yale about anyone his dead brother Dutch may have made contact with in the Free Cities but Yale had no idea. Alysanys speaks to Rhallenyra Targaryen and advises she knows no more then she did before about Valygar’s disappearence. Titus advises watch Jaemerys that he learned was that he and Vhaella Targaryen-Martell have recently begon to have meetings at very odd hours of the day and night.

Once the information was shared and the festivities begun Jaelyn slipped into her father’s office and personal area to see if she could find any information that might point to who the shadow player might be. During the tourney a Mystery Knight appeared and won the whole thing crowning Jaelyn Queen of Love and beauty much to her distaste.


Collection of songs and stories



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