For the Realm

The Trial of the Shadow Player

The wedding of King Baerion and Rhallenyra Targaryen on the first day of Summer is the talk of the realm. At the wedding when all the fosterlings were gathered together once more they heard from Visenya Targaryen that her sister was missing she had a note to prove it. Also they heard of the capture of the Shadow Player and his agents. During which Tallon admitted to helping track the man down.

At breakfast the next morning Maester Jamie examined the note. During the Breakfast Margot, Titus, Jaelyn, Tallon Greyjoy, his wife Tristana, and Opal Greyjoy spoke with Visenya about the disappearence of her twin sister as well as how she went missing. Jaelyn Nymerios Martell-Arryn went to fetch the dragons to see if she could get them to track down Valygar. When Maester Jamie returned he advised that the letter seemed to be in Alysanys own handwritting and that no forger could do that well. Visenya took offense to the essesment that her sister wrote the letter and threw a knife into the maester. Guards were called and she was lead off.

After she left Maester Jamie suggested they go and speak to the man who found the King’s son and the shadow player. As the group made it there they found out the man-a homeless looking begger-was really Daern Martell who had faked his death. Jaelyn went into labor giving birth to two girls and a boy. After Daern presented the evidence and revealed the Shadow Player as Dutch Stark Jaelyn sent a message (through Dragons) to let Valygar know what had happened to his betrothed. He arrived shortly after both surprised by Daern being alive and upset Alysanys had gone missing.

The nest day many trials were held. Dutch Stark stood trial of all the crime sof the shados player—he advised he couldn’t have done it because he was in Lord Reynard Bolton‘s castle being tourtured. Reynard dismissed the claim but as he had no way to prove he did not he did trial by combat. Tallon stood as his champion and Hector Baratheon stood for the crown. Tallon defeated Hector without slaying him. Dutch was found guilty and beheaded. The Sword of the Morning was found innocent and manipulated by the Shadow Player. Archia Martell was found guilty and given a cup on wine and died. Hector was found to be manipulated and unwise but allowed to be a King’s Guard still.


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