Alester Florent

Nights Watch


Alester Florent was the youngest son of his Lord father. He was a childhood friends of Elinor Tyrell. She would often convince him to take her out of Brightwater keep. On one such adventure she was kidnapped by hillfolk bandits. Even though Alester had tried to protect Lady Tyrell they had beaten him and left him for dead. When he awoke he ran back to his father’s home to raise the alert of what had happened. His Lord father lead the search party retrieving her with out too much trouble.

It was agreed upon by both Lord Tyrell and Lord Florent that they were never allowed to see or speak to one another again. Alester pleaded to get the rule reversed, even by trying to reason with Lord Tyrell on Elinor’s ninth name day. Instead Both his Lord father and Lord Tyrell sent him to The Wall to join the Night’s Watch. Though Alester was not allowed to take his vows for another year he spent all of the time at the wall learning to be a proper member of the Night’s Watch.

Alester Florent

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