Alysanys Targaryen

A bland expression allows others to see what they wish to see...


With a bland expression, Alysanys’s true feelings are nearly impossible to get a read on. Her features are classically Targaryen; violet eyes and immaculately clean, white hair. She stands just shy of five and a half feet tall, but seems smaller, due to her quiet voice and tendency to duck her head.


Third and youngest daughter of Dolarys and Paeton Targaryen, Alysanys is 16 years old and is well known and liked among those of her House on Dragonstone for being kind and quiet.

As a young girl, she went with her sisters, mother and Lady Rhallenyra on a search for how to hatch dragon eggs. Their journey lasted many years, but ended for Alysanys when she was taken by a sorcerer in Asshai. He tasted her blood and told her of her future, one riddled with fire. Before he could do more than that, Alysanys fled his workshop back to their ship and would not come ashore in that city for any reason. Nightmares plagued her sleep long after they left; of fires burning her family, her home, everything. She could not be calmed by her mother’s calm assurance that fire cannot burn a dragon, but she began to hide her fears when the subject was not present.

When the Red God’s faith took root in the Lord and Lady of Dragonstone, Alysanys and her family remained true to the Seven, though their worship was forced underground. When loved ones were set to the fires, Alysanys was the first person with the bereft, offering quiet words of consolation. This made her quite beloved by the people on Dragonstone, though she insisted it was only what was right to do and deserved no especial reward for it.

Her words of comfort and faith in the Seven brought her to the unfortunate attention of Lord Yaesemin and Naerion Blackfyre. They took exception to her continued, if quiet, allegiance to the Seven and saw fit to punish her for it. Yaesemin was convinced it was her continued faith that kept the dragon eggs from hatching, and had Naerion hold her while he set a fire around her hands. It was a miracle that they relented before she would lose the appendages, and before she could die from the shock, or from the fear of the flames. Her hands are viciously scarred from the burns, so she wears silk gloves the color of her flesh, so that she does not disturb anyone, and that she might not admit for another day that while fire may not burn dragons, apparently other dragons can.

She attended Valygar’s Name Day celebration. Afterwards, when the Queen died, taking her son with her, her parents immediately pulled Alysanys aside, determining that she would be the one they put forward as a match for a male cousin in the royal family. Her kindness and favor with the smallfolk could do her no harm, and her uncanny knack for knowing exactly how to react for others put her above her sisters, even before they took into account that both the elder sisters were widows.

Alysanys is wary about the idea of marriage, having seen her brothers-in-law burn (one on the very day he wed her older sister, Visenya), and does not wish to open herself to such pain from an inner fire she cannot snuff out. However, her parents have decided she is to Dance that she might be Queen, so Dance she shall… One need not love to marry, after all.

Alysanys Targaryen

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