Arianne Tyrell


Arianne was one of the lesser houses of the reach when Lady Kortheigh of house Tyrell elevated her to her attendant during her pregnancy as Arianne was well known for briefly studying to be a Septa and seemed to have a mind for medical knowledge. Arianne was among those with Lady Kortheigh when she took sick with fever that made her mind go in circles. She was also in the room when Lady Tyrell died although Lord Alessander banished her with the rest when he set about the task of trying to save his second daughter. Lady Arianne made herself useful as the nursemaid during the baby’s week of life before it too fell ill.

Where many of the smallfolk in the area of the reach whisper dark names for Arianne Webber as she refused to leave Lord Tyrell alone even though Lady Cora Stark tried to toss her from HighGarden twice during her short stay. Even with The Widow Beatrice Baratheon coming to call for Lord Tyrell’s attention Arianne was picked as his new Lady wife.

She produced a healthy baby born for Lord Tyrell and where it was obvious that the occation made her husband happy there still seemed to be a distance between the two.

Arianne Tyrell

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