Balthon Greyjoy

The Kraken’s Heir


Balthon Greyjoy, The Kraken’s Heir

Balthon Greyjoy is the eldest son of Falcron Greyjoy, Lord Reaper of Pyke, and heir to the Iron Islands. He has studied at his father’s side for the entirety of his youth, absorbing the Lord Reaper’s philosophies and ideas with unparalleled fervor.

He was given command of the longship “Iron Phantom” at the age of 17, and quickly proved himself to be an able tactician and raider. However, he did not show the same skill at arms or martial courage that would normally be expected from the heir of the Ironmen. Falcron seems oblivious to the indications that his son may not be the warrior-lord that many Ironborn expect of their overlord, though it is no secret that his mother, Alayna, has always seen her oldest son as soft and weak.

Seemingly out of the meeting with his bethrothal to Elinor Tyrell Balthon’s previous behavior seems to be making changes for closer to where the heir of Pyke should be. While he not seem to suddenly change into a new person there is visible improvements.

Balthon Greyjoy

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