Beatrice Baratheon



Beatrice Wylde was the only female child of her parents. Her Lord father being a loyal bannermen to house Baratheon offered his daughter to Lord Jaerth Baratheon even though he had already had two wives who had both been unable to produce any heirs that lived past infanthood. Although Beatrice being the youngest wife he had taken did produce two heirs for him with little trouble. On the day of their son’s birth Lord Jaerth died while having a fight with the Martells on their borders.

She ran Storm’s End with distinction even after King Baerion selected her as his Master of Whispers. She had been already renowned for knowing things a great deal sooner then many in the Seven Kingdom’s. Widow Beatrice was one of the few to not fight the decree from the king to send one of her heirs to foster in the vale.

Beatrice is also well known for the failed attempt to unite Storm’s End and HighGarden by marring Lord Tyrell but was passed over for Asdriane Webber.

Beatrice Baratheon

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