Edmund Stark

Master of Laws


Edmund Stark was sent off to foster at a very young age. Although it was thought to do with the fact Greggor and Lord Alec’s ideals with improving Winterfell’s trading it was also rumored having to do with the fact his mother died bringing him into the world.

Edmund was raised by Jaerth Baratheon who treated him like the son he never had being warm and caring. Edmund stood next to Lord Jaerth when he wed his young bride Beatrice Wylde. Edmund was even with Jaerth when the old man died from a spear in the gut. Beatrice Baratheon, now Lady of Storms End and ruler of its lands and keep kept Edmund until his eighteenth name day before sending him back to Winterfell. Edmund stayed only one day before riding back south where he studied the laws of the realm. He was selected by King Baerion to be his Master of Laws.

He had journeyed with Lady Baratheon to the Vale to go over the actions that had maimed her son when he was poisoned and died.

Edmund Stark

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