Lady Elinor Tyrell

The Jeweled Flower of Highgarden


At 14, Elinor is a slight five feet tall, and the split image of her mother with wavy auburn hair and green eyes. Always fair of face, Elinor is growing into a very beautiful young woman. She always wears her house colors in some floral pattern. The flowers themselves were blue until Prince Jaemerys started speaking to her, and then they were changed to red.


It was an auspicious day that brought light into the skies of Lord Alessander and Lady Kortneigh‘s relationship. As the Dornish army fell back from the border marches, Elinor Tyrell, Lady of Highgarden, was born. In honor of the victory over the Martells, and of their long awaited heir’s birth, Alessander and Kortneigh held a great feast and it was one that would only be matched in years to come by the celebrations of Elinor’s Namedays.

Despite the sorrows and trials that multiple miscarriages and stillbirths that plagued the family, Elinor was the sun, moon and stars to her parents, and given anything her young heart desired.

Elinor was a precocious child, often getting into places she shouldn’t. Anywhere the ruling family went, she was quick to find someone who would take her beyond the city walls. On one such visit just before her ninth nameday, she and her best friend and cohort, Alester Florent,went exploring outside Brightwater Keep. Elinor, though young, had already decided that to be happy in her married life, she must have her best friend at her side. They had found a small pond to rest near when the hillfolk descended upon them. Alester tried valiantly to fend them off, but they left him for dead as they took Elinor off to their camp. When Alester regained consciousness, he went straight back to his family’s home to raise the alarm.

Elinor, in the mean time, was making life difficult for the hillfolk who wished to ransom her. Despite their best efforts, she eluded them several times, and on the last of such times, she was found by the search parties first. Lord Alessander immediately sent Elinor back to Highgarden, forbidding any further contact with Alester. This was the first thing Elinor had been denied, and she was convinced she could persuade her father to let her see him again. While a petulant grudge, it was forgotten as her ninth nameday came.

A raven from King Baerion summoning Elinor to foster under the Arryns arrived the day of her party, and Alessander refused to read it immediately, telling the Maester instead to have a drink and join the celebration. When reading it at breakfast the next day, one might attribute his hangover for his harsh response, threatening to march on King’s Landing, or that the Dragons would have to destroy Highgarden to have Elinor, and then that there would be no point in having her as she would not be heir to any surviving house.

A response to this was sent personally, by way of the Lady of Dragonstone, and it was not a friendly one, thanks to the choice of messenger. Elinor’s quick thinking saved the day, and she got her father to release her to the Arryns’ custody.

Ravens earned their keep from the Vale to the Reach on an absurdly frequent basis. Alessander and Kortneigh could not bear being without news for more than a day or so, and Elinor was constantly finding things to note, often in the company of her cousin, Opal Stark.

Thus, their heir was well informed when Kortneigh was ordered to bedrest with her latest pregnancy. Lady Arryn had a few sharp thumps for her during “dancing” lessons because of Elinor’s inattention and anxious waiting for her daily raven. Elinor begged desperately as her mother neared her last trimester to be allowed to go to Highgarden, but she was refused by Lord Arryn, and even the King himself when she audaciously wrote to him as well; though Baerion did allow that she could travel to Highgarden in six months, if she still desired to.

So, with resentment brewing, Elinor took to marking down the days until she could see her mother and long awaited sibling. When, three months later, word came that her Lady mother had not survived, but that she now had a little sister, Kordenia, Elinor was torn between grief and joy… But her joy was not to last, as not a week later, Kordenia joined Lady Tyrell, having been claimed by the same fever. After that raven, Elinor was not seen often out of her rooms for a near month.

It was when her father started mentioning her late Lady mother’s companion, Arianne Webber, more and in increasingly admiring tones, that Elinor became suspicious of the woman whom her mother had trusted with her life, and her father had trusted with his second child. Though nothing concrete came to light, Elinor was sure Arianne had at least been negligent in her care of her mother and sister.

Elinor’s aunt, Lady Cora Stark, shared this suspicion, especially given how her brother had reacted to her casting Arianne out of Highgarden the few times she had during her stay. Alessander would hear none of their protests, and a year after Kortneigh’s death, he took Arianne as his second wife.

The year since then has been a minor hell for Elinor. Between her father’s constant worrying over her distance over his remarrying, and also threatening to invade the Vale if she didn’t respond to his ravens in a timely manner – and her step-mother’s ‘kindly’ attempts to win Elinor over with trinkets and cloth, her resentment has only grown. The proverbial last straw has been the recent birth of her half-brother, Aleksee, the new heir of Highgarden and the Reach.

What she thinks of Jaemerys’ attention to her is anyone’s guess. When around the prince, her attention is only for him, and she seems very much smitten. But like the flicking of a switch when he leaves, she retreats behind a mask of calculating coolness.

She’s known to ruffle feathers and get rises out of people by pretending she knows more about a subject than her fellow Wards do, but she garners the information she desires on the subject by their correcting her faulty information.

Lady Elinor Tyrell

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