Greggor Stark

First Ranger


Greggor Stark was a calm and careful lad. He studied and showed great signs of being a good lord of winterfell. Greggor was the one to suggest fostering his youngest brother off to the Baratheons. He was also rumored to have consulted with his father on the match of Cora Tyrell and Willis Stark. There were even rumors that Greggor had been making steps to try and convince Lord Bolton to wed his daughter to Greggor to keep another Bolton/Stark war from breaking out.

When Lord Alec was murdered it seemed clear Greggor was the one to do it as he had been witnessed having a loud fight with his father at the wedding of his brother. Greggor decided to have Trial by Combat but lost. Willis Stark, now Lord of Winterfell, sent his eldest brother to The Night’s Watch. It wasn’t until after Greggor had already taken his vows was the real murderer found to be a boy from beyound the wall. Greggor stark has taken up the role of training the new recruits.

Greggor Stark

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