Hakkon Greyjoy

the Leviathan, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet


Hakkon Greyjoy is the younger brother of Lord Reaper Falcon Greyjoy. Strongly devoted to the Drowned God, Hakkon is a true Ironborn, considered the greatest fighter in the Iron Islands and one of the most dangerous warriors in Westeros. Standing close to seven and a half feet tall, Hakkon is a giant of a man, known for cutting his enemies in half with a single blow. As Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, Hakkon is a great leader of men, inspiring ferocity and fearlessness in those who follow him into battle. He is the most dangerous military asset that House Greyjoy has at its disposal, which is a considerable achievement for a culture so renowned for their ruthless ferocity.

Hakkon gets along well with his brother, though has a much greater emphasis on power through martial strength than the Lord Reaper. He rarely travels beyond Greyjoy borders, spending most of his time sailing Ironmen’s bay when he is not serving as his brothers steward, ruling the Iron Islands while the Lord Reaper travels to the lands of other houses.

Hakkon Greyjoy

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