Helena Greyjoy

Master of Ships


Helena is the first Greyjoy to ever sit upon the Small Council in King’s Landing, and the first woman to ever hold the title of Master of Ships. She is a tall, stern woman with a powerful build, clearly taking after her youngest brother Lord Hakkon at an imposing six and a half feet tall. She is often called the iron maiden by the members of court, referencing her unyielding, uncompromising, and unsmiling demeanor. She has never married, and whispers at court claim that she has long held a deep and unrequited affection for Lord Hadrian Lannister.

Helena earned her position when she lead a small group of Ironmen ships in a coalition force under the former Master of Ships, Jonothor Mormont, against a fleet of pirate raiders that had been plaguing ports not far from Highgarden. Mormont made a tactical mistake in the battle that crippled the royal fleet. It is said that Helena attacked and seized Mormont’s ship and took command of the coalition forces, swiftly turning the tide of battle in the royal fleet’s favor and routing the pirates. When Mormont tried to charge Helena with treason, the king instead recognized Helena’s unparalleled naval genius and placed her on the small council that very day, sending Mormont home in disgrace.

Since then, Helena has commanded the royal fleet with a cold efficiency, enacting sweeping alterations to ship design and strategy to better accommodate her tactical methods. The captains of the ships in the royal navy have grown to have a deep and unwavering loyalty to Lady Greyjoy, which has left some in King’s Landing concerned about what might happen if she turned against the crown should House Greyjoy make a power play. To date, however, she has shown deeper loyalty to King Baerion than she has to the Lord Reaper of Pyke.

Helena Greyjoy

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