Jaemerys Targaryen

Hand of the King


Jaemerys is the third son of King Baelor and Queen Rhea, He spent most of his childhood being the peace between his two older brothers and protecting his elder sister. He read many books and spoke to most of his father’s small council. Jaemerys seemed to always have a question to ask and a keen mind to answer. He is the only one of his siblings to have the choice to marry for love. When he was a young adult he traveled the seven kingdoms wanting to see all that there was to offer even going to see The Wall in the north. He had made plans to go across the narrow sea to see the free cities but disregarded them to help his family by taking the position of hand of the king.

Jaemerys did not official take the pin until a few years later. Many Ladies of the Great Houses have an eye on him but he seemed more concerned with matters of state. A rumor has spread that he was seen speaking to young Lady Tyrell as well as sending ravens to her but none of seen him speak to Lord Tyrell to work out a marriage agreement.

Jaemerys has shown himself to be irreplaceable as the hand of the king. He seems to have an answer to most issues before they become full blown emergencies. Most of the Small council finds him agreeable and it is rumored he continues to be the only bridge between his brothers.

Jaemerys Targaryen

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