King Baerion



King Baerion of House Targaryen first of his name King of the Andals the Rhoynar and the First Men Lord of the Seven Kingdoms Protector of the Realm was the first of the Children or to King Baelor and Queen Rhea. He had been a smart child with an error-less memory. He took a great interest in the stories and songs of the history of the seven kingdoms. Unlike many of his house he seemed to have little interest in the last of the the dragon eggs. He shows great promise as a ruler with a desire to unite all 7 of the great houses with a peaceful coexistence.

It had been a long thought that Baerion would wed his sister Rhaellenyra as they had been very close as children. Bearion and Yaesemin had never been close as children, while both boys cared deeply for their youngest brother Jamemerys. Yaesemin and Baerion came into many fights as children with their sister normally coming in the middle of it. When Aemys was born Baerion suddenly lost all interest in Rhaellenyra. When King Baelor asked when Baerion would be marrying his sister Rhaellenyra on her 16th name day he rejected her stating a dream he had where Aemys was by his side when all seven of the great houses were peacefully having dinner together.

With Rheallenyra passed to his younger brother most of their fights stopped. When Baerion took the thrown he set about fixing many of the issues in the kingdom and started talks with many of the other house on how to fix the problems. He started by giving many of the seats on his small council to those of other houses. He kept his brother Jamemerys as hand of the King despite his young age, not making it offical until his brother’ 20th name day.

One of the most contraversal of his laws was the decision to have one of each house foster together to build unity. It was a suggested that it be with House Arryn of the vale as they would have the best chance of keeping the heirs safe. Most of the heirs were sent on their 9th name days except his nephew Valygar who was sent at 4.

King Baerion is popular with the smallfolk and seems a decent ruler despite his—viewed by some—niave rules. He married Aemys as soon as she was of age. It is rumored there might be some trouble in their union as there has yet to be an heir produced.

King Baerion

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