Kortneigh Tyrell


Lady Kortneigh was the middle child of her siblings with a gift for music and song. She was also well known for her kind heart and beautiful voice. She went to the wedding of Cora Tyrell and Willis Stark where she and Alessander met eyes across the sept. Their romance was worthy of envy with him composing poetry for her and sending wondrous gifts. Lady Kortneigh had to convince her father to agree to the union as she would be the first of her siblings to marry. The wedding was the grandest many of the guests had ever been to attend. Even with the miscarriages and still-borns their marriage was filled with love and support.

When they were blessed with a child they threw a grand festival in celebration. Lady Kortheigh always kept her daughter close when she could even singing her to bed until the day she was sent off to foster. Lady Kortneigh cried for days after her daughter was taken to the Vale.

Lady Kortneigh continued to try and produce another child to give both her husband and herself another bright star in their life and to give Elinor a playmate when she came home. the Maester confined her to bed rest as to not risk her body too much. Kortneigh picked an attendent from a lower house Arianne Webber to help her through the tough times of the pregancy. During the last month of her pregnancy she got a fever that also seemed to have robbed her of her mind. After she died, Lord Alessander had to remove the unborn child himself as the maester was too far away to get there in time. The baby girl lived only for a week before she came under the same sickness as her mother.

Kortneigh Tyrell

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