Lady Alayna Greyjoy

Lady of Pyke


Alayna is the only daughter of the Bolton family, who were extremely eager to have a connection through marriage to one of the great houses. It is said that Lord Willis Stark of Winterfell was so furious that one of his Bannermen married his only daughter to the heir to another great house that he almost went to war with the Ironmen over the perceived slight. Lady Alayna, already hailing from a house with a long history of discontent with Stark rule over the north, never forgave Lord Willis for trying to interfere with her marriage, and many have speculated that she has spent many years working to convince her husband the Lord Reaper to overthrow them. However, there has as yet been no evidence to support such claims.

Alayna possesses a canny political mind and an unforgiving disposition, and uses her influence among the ironmen to brutally punish those who offend her, which have gone a long way to make her extremely popular among the people of the Iron Islands. She is an adept manipulator, and many Ironmen perceive her to be the true power behind the throne. Others argue that if she had that much influence over Lord Falcron then House Greyjoy would have attacked Winterfell long ago. The truth is likely somewhere in between.

Despite her harsh demeanor she has proven to be an exceptional leader of Pyke both within the Iron Islands and throughout the seven kingdoms. She has proven the perfect match for her husband, perfectly complementing each others’ strengths while mitigating their weaknesses. She has also provided House Greyjoy with the valuable alliance with House Bolton, and many among Westeros now wonder how long it will be before the lord of Dreadfort defects and becomes a bannerman of House Greyjoy instead. Only time will tell, but the fact that a Bolton sits in the great hall of Pyke has proven to be – and will continue to be – a matter of deep concern for the Lord of Winterfell.

Lady Alayna Greyjoy

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