Lady Cora Stark


Cora Tyrell was a bright and happy child in HighGarden. She had been one of the most beautiful Lady’s at court and her father received many marriage contracts for her hand from all manner of Lords. Her Lord father decided instead to send his only daughter North to wed Willis Stark after he approached The Lord Tyrell after seeing Cora briefly at a tournament. There was never any reason given on why the Tyrells would send their only daughter away. There were many theories about wanting armys to combine, to help with trade relations and so on. The wedding in the Sept at Highgarden was a wonderous affair before Cora disappeared to the North.

Lady Cora always wore her house colors even in Winterfell. She never complained or showed if she was unhappy with the marriage giving the Lord Stark 3 children.

Although Lord Willis seems to make enemies fairly quick Cora seems to smooth most of the issues out. She takes to being a Lady well and runs the household with a firm but kind hand. She is quite popular with the smallfolk. It is rumored she may have had to keep Lord Stark from going to war with a great deal of the other lords.

Lady Cora seems to care for all of her children equally and seems to tend to most of their learning. When Opal, their youngest was taken from them to foster she seemed heartbroken. She is considered by many in the north to be the best thing about the house stark.

After the seige at Winterfell Cora stark was wed to Lord Reynard Bolton to continue Tyrell trade with the north.

Lady Cora Stark

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