Lady Rosamund Lannister


Rosamund was the only daughter of Lord Brax a noble bannermen of House Lannister. Lord Brax kept his daughter close to home to ensure her safety. One day while Lord Brax was of in King’s Landing Rosamund and her brother rode off to watch one of the tournements. While there a knight took a great interest in Rosamund. He spoke to her at great length while respecting her honor even rewarding her with Queen of Love and Beauty.

It wasn’t until the knight arrived at her home some weeks later that Rosamund relized that the knight was Hadrian Lannister. Lord Brax agreed reluctently to their union. Rosamund was brought to Casterly Rock that day and spent the next month getting to know her new home before the lavish wedding. Hadrian found her to be quite usefull in both her knowledge of how to emprove trade relations and in her understanding of politics. She is also rumored to be the one who insisted on taking Titus Lannister into their home instead of letting Victor Lannister raise the heir to lannisport.

Rosamund gave Lord Hadrian many children and raised Titus as an equal to her own children until the day he was sent off to foster.

Lady Rosamund Lannister

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