Lord Alessander Tyrell

Former High Marshal of the Reach


Lord Alessander of HighGarden was the Elders of the children born to his Lord father. He was trained in combat although never knighted. He met his first wife, Lady Kortheigh, at the wedding of his sister to Willis Stark. Kortheigh and Alessander were deeply in love and their maariage brought much happiness to the smallfolk of HighGarden. The only sorrow their union was that they were unable to bring a child to to term alive for many years. When Elinor was born all of highGarden celebrated with a grand festival. Elinor’s name day became a holiday in HighGarden as it was not only the first of their children to live but was also the day they won a great victory in a battle against the Martell’s. Lord Alessander became very over protective of Elinor that when she was kidnapped by bandits while out with Ser Alester Florent Lord Alessander banished him to The Wall.

When on Elinor’s 9th name day King Baerion sent a raven to instruct they needed to send their heir to foster it cause Lord Alessander to fly into a rage. Only after the Lord and Lady of Dragonstone came to visit did it convince Lord Alessander to allow his daughter to go. A raven was sent to the Eyrie every other day for years. When Lady Kortheigh got pregnant that the Maester instructed bedrest to hopefully bring the child to term healthy she hired an Attendent from one of the other house of the reach. Late in the pregnancy lady Kortheigh grew ill with a fever and a loss of her mind. After her death Lord Alessander had to cut out their unborn child who only live for a week before getting the same mysterious sickness. Lord Alessander made his way to the Eyrie to spend sometime with his daughter before heading back to HighGarden with his sister Cora helping him through his mourning time until Lord Willis Stark called her back to Winterfell.

Arianne Webber, his late wife’s Attendant also leant a hand in helping his heart. It was suggested that another marriage needed to take place in order to maintain order to keep the spirits of the small folk high. Window Lady Beatrice Baratheon had made moves to unit the reach with storms end but was passed over for Arianne Webber. The wedding was a small afair with very little celebration. Since the wedding Lord Alessander has noticed a lower return in his ravens from his daughter. Even with a visit and ravens to the lord arryn has not mended whatever rift has been created. Recently Lady Arianne has given him a son Aleksee but it seems there is still a dark lcoud above Lord Alessander.

Alessander was killed by Falcrone Greyjoy during a duel for his daughter, Elinor’s, honor.

Lord Alessander Tyrell

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