Lord Falcron Greyjoy

Former Lord Reaper of Pyke


Falcron Greyjoy is the Lord of the Iron Islands and the head of House Greyjoy. He is tall and gaunt of face, his hair beginning to grey as he enters his fifth decade. He dresses finer than most of his predecessors, understanding that if the lords of the other houses are to respect him as one of them he must look the role. He travels frequently, visiting courts and tournaments throughout Westeros to remind people that the Greyjoys are a part of the land and not a force to be taken lightly.

Falcron has the reputation of being among the most politically minded of his house in many generations, but that does not make him any less dangerous than his ancestors. Indeed, Falcron is as cunning and ruthless as his predecessors, and is fierce and fearless in battle. Falcron is a man of great ambition, and uses his knowledge of courtly schemes to move his family into a position of great power. He is a figure of great concern for House Tully and other members of the Riverlands, believing that he plans to retake the land seized from his family by Aegon the Conqueror all those generations ago.

Falcron has spent a great deal of time and effort politically to grant his descendants positions of great influence. In order to circumvent the threat of facing down the considerable military might of House Lannister, the two houses have allied themselves, solidified by the betrothal of Falcron’s second son to Hadrian’s second daughter. This union has proved extremely beneficial, as access to a portion of Lannister wealth has led to a period of noted prosperity for the Iron Islands.

Falcron leaped at the opportunity to send his second son, Tallon, to foster with House Arryn. To him, it represented further recognition by the king of House Greyjoy’s power and influence in Westeros while also presenting an opportunity for his son to both find allies in other houses and learn of potentially exploitable weaknesses.

Was killed by Alessader Tyrell during a duel for Elinor Tyrell’s honor.

Lord Falcron Greyjoy

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