Lord Hadrian Lannister

Lord of Casterly Rock


Hadrian Lannister is the head of House Lannister and lord of Casterly Rock. A warrior and military leader of great renown, Hadrian was knighted at the age of 16 despite his position as heir. In his first joust as a knight, Hadrian’s lance impaled his opponent through the throat, killing him instantly. All of the other knights that faced Hadrian that day met similar fates. Hadrian’s reputation as a deadly warrior persisted as he fought in yet more tournaments, never leaving an opponent alive. Before long, knights began to yield to Hadrian without combat, eventually leading to him retiring from competition at the young age of 20 citing that he wanted tournaments to be entertaining to the crowds.

During one of his tournaments he saw in the stands Lady Rosmund Brax, so taken by her beauty he surpassed Tess Baratheon for his bride in place of her. It is said he went to her father’s house himself to inform Lord Brax of his intensions. Their wedding was quiet but grand with the two seeming quiet in love. When Hadrian’s brother died they gladdly took his son into their home to grow up among their own children.

Hadrian served as a knight of Casterly Rock, fighting and slaying enemies of House Lannister for his father up until the day the old lion died. When Hadrian became Lord of Casterly Rock the Westerlands were in turmoil. Several of the lesser houses had rebelled against Hadrian’s father and Lannister forces were stretched thin. Hadrian knew that House Lannister was in serious danger of being overthrown if he couldn’t find help. Salvation came from what he was considered the unlikeliest of places – Lord Reaper Falcron Greyjoy. In exchange for shipments of food, weapons, and other goods, House Greyjoy sent a sizable host of Ironmen to Hadrian’s aid and besieged the rebel-occupied Lannisport, rescuing Hadrian’s younger brother. With the aid of the Ironmen, Hadrian made swift work of the rebelling houses and put the leaders to the sword, securing the Lannisters’ rule of the Westerlands.

Since then, Hadrian has transformed the Westerlands into one of the most prosperous regions in the Seven Kingdoms, and has established himself as Westeros’ premier military commander with one of the most well equipped and disciplined armies seen since the days of Aegon the Conqueror. The alliance with House Greyjoy has persisted, leading to the two families joining their houses through Tallon Greyjoy and Tristana Lannister.

Lord Hadrian Lannister

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