Lord Jace Arryn


Jace Arryn was the third son born to Lord and Lady Arryn. On his fourteenth name day he decided to sail across to the Free cities to explore the world as he had no desire to be a knight or join the Night’s Watch. While Traveling the Free Cities he met Aenys in Braavos. They were married shortly after and had a daughter some time later. Jace Arryn had settled into a life in Bravvos planning to spend the rest of his days across the narrow sea.

Jace received a raven some years later from his Eldest brother Jackson Arryn demanding him to return as their parents had died as well as Jeffer their brother. Jackson reminded Jace of the honor and responsabilities he now had. Jace made the journey with his wife and children. When they arrived Lord Jackson was livid with what he considered to be a shame upon their house as he did not consider any wedding that was not preformed in front of the Seven to be a valid marriage. Jackson demanded that Jace send his family back to Braavos.

Though none know what happened in the fallowing days there are rumors that even though Aenys and her children were cast out that shortly after Lord Jackson died they were allowed to return. Other say that the Braavos wife never left the Vale. When King Baerion made the law that all the great housesm would foster one heir together it was suggest to Lord Jace by one of his children to foster the children at the vale as it was the safest place. Lord Arryn believes deeply in the ideals behind the fostering law even agreeing to send his two sons to foster.

Jace Arryn is well known for going to see Tournamnets as often as he can, he even hosts a great number in the vale.

Lord Jace Arryn

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