Lord Jaymes Lannister

Lord of LannisPort


Jaymes Lannister was the second son born to Lord Evan Lannister “The Old Lion”. Where his elder brother Hadrian was in tournements and combat Jaymes was deeply involved in the faith. Some thought he might have given up his titles and wealth to practice more firmly if not for the engagement to Tess Baratheon. With the gift of Lannisport from his father on his wedding day Jaymes took his views on the faith and made them law there. He was deeply driven in his beliefs and believed the gods were guiding him. He and Tess were well liked by the small folk of Lannisport.

Shortly after they had their son, Titus, blessed by the gods Jaymes Lannister was killed during a religous activity. His death cause Tess to lose her mind to grief.

Lord Jaymes Lannister

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