Lord Reynard Bolton

The Fox of Dreadfort


There has been a long standing rivalry of the House Stark and House Bolton from back when Stark was known as King in the North. There were even tensions back when old Lord Bolton married his daughter to the now Lord Reaper of Pyke. Reynard on the other hand once he took over as Lord Bolton did everything possible to mend those tensions in the north. He even married the girl Edmund Stark rebuffed when he left the north never to return.

He was often the right hand of Lord Willis Stark and Lady Cora in smoothing some of the insults that had been tossed to some of the other lords of the north. Some have called him “The Fox of Dreadfort” with the skill he has with knowing how to best calm tempers in the north. Most lords in the north often have taken to going through Reynard when they have a problem with Lord Stark.

Lord Reynard Bolton

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