Lord Willis Stark


Willis Stark is tall and handsome with the usual Stark features. While he is indeed Lord of Winterfell he appears to lack the normal political mind that most of the other Lords of the great houses hold. He rarely leaves The North once saying, “I am a Lord of Winterfell, my people need me and that honor is far more important then being at the Dragon’s beck and call”.

When he was a youth his father fostered his younger brother in the south while grooming him for leadership. During those years Willis never saw or heard from his brother until his brother’s 18th name day where he came back to Winterfell for one day before riding back to King’s Landing. It is rumored that Willis may have insulted his brother shortly before he left.

It was also his father, the late Alec Stark who arranged the marriage between Willis and Cora of house Tyrell believing this would foster greater trade relations for the coming winters. Willis found Lady Cora to be wonderful with her headstrong manner and eyes that seemed to say they were afraid of nothing. Their wedding which had been performed twice, once in Highgarden’s Sept and once in Winterfell’s Godswood. When Lord Alec Stark died mysterously shortly after it was thought Greggor, his elder brother might have done the kinslaying which granted Willis Lord of Winterfell. The fest is his honor was one of the greatest the north had. Even after it was found out Greggor had not commited the deed it was too late as he had already taken the black.

They have had 3 children which Willis treats equally stern. When the Raven from King’s Landing came that there was a order to send one of his children to foster with the arryns he sent no reply. It wasn’t until Lord Arryn himself arrived that Willis sent his daughter to foster.

Willis Stark while seeming to understand the basics of how to rule but it seems he makes more enemies then he does friends with the other houses and even with his own bannermen, almost going to war when House Bolton wed their only daughter to the Greyjoys. Lady Cora has proven herself to be one of the few to talk her Lord Husband down from his rages though it is not a garentee.

Lord Reynard Bolton while being one of his closest and most Loyal bannermen the two have recently had a disagreement that started with Dutch Stark getting Jayne Bolton pregnant.

With the news of his involvement with hiring the bandits that had supplied the Hill Tribes in the vale as well as the bandits that killed Lord Bolton’s heir and first wife there was a seige on winterfell. Willis Stark refused to give back Jasper Arryn even when his children were threatened. After Jasper Arryn was removed Winterfell was seiged and he lost his life.

Lord Willis Stark

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