Rhallenyra Targaryen

Lady of Dragonstone


Rhaellenyra was born the second child to King Baelor and Queen Rhea. She was considered a kind soul and spent most of her childhood being groomed for being Queen, she was known for talking to the members of court and pleading their cases to her father if she found them to be just. She was known for being fair of face if not as beautiful as her siblings. Rhaellenyra was close to all of her siblings but closest to Baerion and her little sister Vhaella. She was heartbroken when Vhaella was sent to Dorne to marry into House Martell.

On her sixteenth nameday when Baerion passed her over for their youngest sister Aemys she looked lost. It was no secret that during their childhood Yaesemin had been cruel to her and fought Baerion often putting her in the middle. She was then married to her brother Yaesemin later that year. The wedding was grand but there seemed to be little joy in Rheallenyra’s heart.

For a time it seemed Rheallenyra was a good balance to the strict teranical rule of her Husband Yaesemin. There were rumors of beats and there was often times there was the sound of screaming and crying carried throguh out Dragonstone. As the years passed so did the kindness that was in Rhaellenyra’s heart. It is rumored the Lord Yaesemin has cruel tastes and often takes whores to inflict these tastes onto. It is known that any whore that made themselves into Yaesemin’s bed chambers are shortly after put to the sword, rumored to be Rheallenyra’s way to ensure her own children do not have to compete with someone else for Dragonstone.

When King Baerion took their first son to foster in the Eyrie it was a shock to most that both Lord and Lady seemed to regard the event with little interest.

She has recently switched to the faith of the Red God. Shortly after this her husband and youngest son were burned alive in an accidently fire. She is currently pregnant.

Rhallenyra Targaryen

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