Tallon Greyjoy

The Ice Kraken


Of late, Tallon Greyjoy has taken after his uncle Hakkon and stands a towering 7’4". Tallon is powerfully built, making it next to impossible for him to blend into a crowd. His pale skin does not have the weathered quality that many Iron Islanders have as he has not spent an extensive amount of time at sea. Tallon wears blacks and greys highlighted by dark blues, but mostly favors clothing geared towards utility over appearance.


The second son of the Lord Reaper of Pyke,Lord Falcron Greyjoy, Tallon was raised to be the eventual successor to his uncle as Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet. His father rarely gave Tallon an extensive amount of attention, much less affection, favoring Tallon’s eldest brother Balthon. Tallon was instead raised primarily by his uncle Hakkon Greyjoy, who taught the young boy the ideals of the Iron Islands and early military tactics. Tallon became accustomed to violence and brutality from a young age, and it is said that Tallon beat a young boy to death in the market square after the young thrall started the fight.

When Tallon was nine years old he was fostered to the Eyrie under the supervision of Lord Jace Arryn. It took him several months to grow accustomed to the way of life outside Pyke, and was difficult for Lord Arryn to control. As he grew, however, Tallon became more even and tempered, eventually squiring under one of the more prominent knights of the Vale. Though he maintained regular correspondence with his mother, sister and uncle, Tallon found himself with a deep, protective affection for the children he grew to adolescence with, and has since thrown his life down on the line several times to keep them safe from some threat or another. While he still has philosophies that some might call cruel (such as inflicting physical harm to teach a lesson on occasion) it is undeniable that Tallon possesses a certain code of honor that he holds to rigorously. He seems to find the idea of harming the defenseless appalling, a trait that puts him in direct contrast with many others from his homeland. However, he is no pacifist – his skill at arms has won him multiple tournaments of Grand Melee, and several times he has dispatched groups of bandits on his own with ruthless, bloody efficiency.

Most Recently Tallon Greyjoy made his name known throughout the Seven Kingdoms as one of the most influential forces behind the invasion of the North and the fall of House Stark. It is said that originally the plan was formulated between just him and Lord Reynard Bolton before the forces of houses Arryn, Martell and Tyrell were even marginally involved, and that Tallon was the primary force behind the invasion’s orchestration.

Under his directives the Ironmen have been relatively gentle on the smallfolk of the North, with those who abuse their power by raping and reaving what many Ironborn would consider “spoils of war” punished harshly and publicly. Conversely, all those soldiers who abused their authority under the lordship of the late Willis Stark have been likewise hunted down and executed for their crimes against the people. Furthermore, the western half of the North has been kept extremely safe from the marauding Burning Brothers, with any incursions into their territory being met with brutal efficiency before sending the bandits to Deepwood Motte to be weighed down with stones and thrown to the bottom of the frigid bay. For the first time in years the people of the western half of the north feel safe both in their homes and on the roads, which many lords of the north consider to be a great irony.

The lords of the North, though most have sworn oaths of fealty and taken up arms as Greyjoy bannermen, are still extremely cautious and uncertain about their new overlord. Though he has proven a vastly superior ruler to Willis Stark, they are still slow to trust any Greyjoy and many men call the Ice Kraken usurper in hushed whispers in dark tavern corners. However, the ever-fickle smallfolk sing Tallon’s praises for delivering them from Willis’ corrupt and excessively harsh rule. Thus, the western half of the North is at rest… for now. After securing his new lands’ safety, Tallon oversaw the wedding between his brother Balthon Greyjoy and Opal Stark, therein securing lordship of Winterfell (and the position of Warden of the North) in Ironborn hands.

After the death of his father during a foolish joust against Lord Alessander Tyrell, a Kingsmoot was called by the Damphair. Soon after his marriage to Tristana Lannister, Tallon sailed west to the Iron Islands for the first time since his departure many years earlier. There he stood and spoke at the Kingsmoot, but was interrupted by the betrayal of House Harlaw, though the house’s rebellion was short lived and ruthlessly punished. Tallon fought Lord Harlaw to a standstill in the Hall of the Grey King, managing to never shed a drop of the traitor’s blood on sacred ground.

Once the battle had stopped, Tallon was unanimously chosen to be the new Lord Reaper of the Iron Islands. Since then he has worked Tirelessly to better the condition of his people, spending equal time on the Iron Islands directly leading the Ironmen and in King’s Landing working to improve House Greyjoy’s reputation with the Crown.

Tallon Greyjoy

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