Tristana Lannister


Tristana is very fair of face and kind of spirit. She is very friendly and a kind word with all topics. When she was very young she was out playing in the courtyard while skipping a lesson from the Septa when she saw a young lion cub wondering about by its self. It is said she went to see if the cub needed help when the lioness attacked her. If not for her father’s knights chasing off the lions Tristana may have died instead of just lossing a hand.

Soon after that she was taken with her father on many of his trips to Pyke where she made friends with Talon Greyjoy. They would send a great deal of time together which neither of their parents seemed to mind. They would often send ravens back and forth. It was announced on Talon’s ninth name day they would be married when they were both of age much to the twos enjoyment.

Tristana has continued to send letters to Talon Greyjoy and it is rumored she is counting down the days until they can be married.

Tristana Lannister

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