Valygar Targaryen

Little Dragon


Valygar “little dragon” Targaryen was the first child born to Lady Rhaellenyra and Lord Yaesemin. He was only allowed to stay at Dragonstone until he had his fourth name day when his uncle King Baerion took him to go and foster with the Arryn’s. Though he was terrified to leave his mother kissed him on the forehead and told him firmly that he was blood of the dragon before his lord father pulled her away.

Valygar, although raised by those not of his blood has shown himself to be a rather happy and cheerful child. He has never been seen without a smile on his face despite everything. Like his father he has taken an interest in the lore of Dragons. He seems to see the dragons as a sign of the god’s and has reportedly he has many dreams of them.

He shows signs of being slightly skilled with the war hammer. He writes many ravens to dragonstone but doea not seem to get many ravens in return.

Valygar Targaryen

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