Vhaella Targaryen-Martell


Vhaella Targaryen was the second daughter born to King Baelor and Queen Rhea. She was considered to be Prince Yaesemin’s bride when they were of age. She was head strong and had a bit of a wild streak in her blood. She had a history of scaring her attendants with nothing but a look. She had a very close relationship with her sister Rhaellenyra.

During one of the fights between Yaesemin and Baerion they had put Princess Rhaellenyra in the middle. Princess Vhaella pushed her brothers away and got her sister to a safe place with a bit of pride on to herself. It is rumored that Prince Yaesemin got so angry he set her bed chamber on fire in the middle of the night. Vhaella walked out of her flaming bedchamber to the surprise of her Mother who had Prince Yaesemin by the arm. Princess Vhaella walked up to her brother and bite off his right ear. It was later decided by King Bealor that she would be the Princess sent to marry the Martell Prince. She was sent from King’s landing to Dorne shortly there after.

Not much has been heard from her since but she does always make a trip to Westeros for her eldest son, Daern’s name day as well as Rhaellenyra’s.

Vhaella Targaryen-Martell

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