Yaesemin Targaryen

Lord Yaesemin of Dragonstone


Yaesemin was the second born son to King Baelor and Queeen Rhea. It was apparent from an early age that Yaesemin was not like his siblings. He learned quickly but has a violent and ruthless manner around him. He was raised the same as his siblings but seemed to give little care about the smallfolk or even the other great houses. It is said that at the age of six he could not correctly name the other great house but knew every name of all the Dragons that had ever lived. He knew every story and song of the dragons and would tell them to the pride of his father.

Yaesemin and Baelor fought constantly. Some thought perhapse he wanted Rhaellenyra although she was often brought into their fights and was often beaten by Yaesemin. During one fight Yaesemin’s younger sister Vhaella removed Rheallenyra from his wrath. Yaesemin repaid her disrespect by setting her bedchamber on fire. She in turn walked out of the flames untouch and bit off his ear. His Queen mother then had him further punished where he was not seen for a full year.

When Yaesemin returned his obsession with Dragon’s stayed but he also started to read the history of rulers and asked for storys of how to rule much more. He also studied war and battles. When his brother passed Rheallenyra over he seemed pleased to have his older sister as his wife. He did not seem to be a kind nor loyal husband despite it all. He seemed to care little for his brother’s laws but would bend the knee when Jaememerys pressed him to.

He and his youngest son where killed in a mysterious fire.

Yaesemin Targaryen

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