For the Realm

The Tournament
A song of your adventures

On the second month of spring King Baerion announce a Tournament for Queen Aemys’ name day. Lord Jace Arryn decided to take all of the children who fostered with him down to King’s landing for the event. While on the road Daern Martell , Talon Greyjoy and Hector Baratheon all convinced him to allow them to join in the events with help from Jaelyn. Valygar Targaryen squired for Daern Martell.

Margot Tully, Opal Stark, Titus Lannister, Lady Elinor Tyrell and Jaelyn Arryn watched the events from the stands. Daern Martell won the markmenship contest, giving his flower to Opal Stark. Talon Greyjoy won the Grand Malee giving his flower to Tristana Lannister. While Hector Baratheon competed in all three events he lost fairly quick in each one. During the joust Daern only lost to Yale Stark who gave his flower to Margot Tully.

For winning each of the contests each winning was handed a gift from Queen Aemys.

To Daern Martell he was gifted with a (superior) wonderfully carved dragonbow.

To Talon Greyjoy he was gifted with a (superior) engraved longaxe.

To Yale Stark he was gifted with an impressive sword.

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