For the Realm

The Tournament
A song of your adventures

On the second month of spring King Baerion announce a Tournament for Queen Aemys’ name day. Lord Jace Arryn decided to take all of the children who fostered with him down to King’s landing for the event. While on the road Daern Martell , Talon Greyjoy and Hector Baratheon all convinced him to allow them to join in the events with help from Jaelyn. Valygar Targaryen squired for Daern Martell.

Margot Tully, Opal Stark, Titus Lannister, Lady Elinor Tyrell and Jaelyn Arryn watched the events from the stands. Daern Martell won the markmenship contest, giving his flower to Opal Stark. Talon Greyjoy won the Grand Malee giving his flower to Tristana Lannister. While Hector Baratheon competed in all three events he lost fairly quick in each one. During the joust Daern only lost to Yale Stark who gave his flower to Margot Tully.

For winning each of the contests each winning was handed a gift from Queen Aemys.

To Daern Martell he was gifted with a (superior) wonderfully carved dragonbow.

To Talon Greyjoy he was gifted with a (superior) engraved longaxe.

To Yale Stark he was gifted with an impressive sword.

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Bandits on the road and Ravens
What could go wrong?

After having some time to do some personal activities while in King’s Landing the group of Fostered Children are allowed to go to the Farewell feast. While there there is some dancing as well as overing hearing a Knight complain about weapons and bandits and rebels through out the seven kingdoms. Daern Martell makes a show of dancing with almost unmarried female as well as Queen Aemys. Margot Tully dances with Yale Stark. Titus Lannister spends his time talking to Septas. Talon Greyjoy dances with hos betrothed.

Something unknown happens that makes Lord Arryn wish to leave King’s Landing that night. On the road while they are on the way bakc to the Eyrie Jaelyn gets her father to speak about what has happened. It is discovered that there are rumors of The Lord and Lady of Dragonstone converting to a new faith that worries Lord Arryn.

Meanwhile in the wheelhouse Opal Stark reveals her concerns with her brother being sent off to The Wall to take the black in 2 months time. Margot convinces her to write a Raven to find out why.

While coming upon the crossroad of the King’s Road the company is come upon by a group of Bandits. While looking further into the events Lady Elinor Tyrell gets kidnapped by the Bandit’s leader. Talon Gryjoy, Hector Baratheon and Daern Martell continue proving themselves as mighty in combat. Hector gets a scar across the face during the encounter. Talon and Daern Martell save Lady Elinor Tyrell and bring the Bandit leader to Lord Arryn who had lost an eye in the attack.

Jaelyn and Titus look at the Bandits weapons and find that they are far too well made to be something the smallfolk would have had on their own. Jaelyn’s handmaid informs there is no blacksmith mark on them to show they were made in secret. Margot, Jaelyn and Titus go to explore the Inn to see if they can find any survivers. Titus finds the keys as there are people looked away. They happene upon some survivers amoung them Audrey Tully and Lord Reynard Bolton youngest son, Elton Bolton. None of which seem rich enough to have dropped the golden dragons upon the road though. Lady Audrey is escorted back to Riverlands while the Bolton’s son is taken with the group back to Eryie as they do not have the numbers to split up, a raven is sent in Lord Bolton’s direction.

After arriving at the Eryie Lady Arryn panics at the lesser number making sure each of the Fostered children are alright. That night a number of the children have strange dreams. The next morning they go into their normal work, Lord Arryn goes over what is expected of each of them even touching on marriages. Each share whether or not their is any plans for their future by their parents. Opal is caught making eyes at Daern Martell.

Shortly after this Maester Raen arrives with some messages for the group. Lady Elinor Tyrell is gravely upset by her raven running from the room. The group read the letter finding out she has been engagged to Balthon Greyjoy. Margot finds out her own father is thinking of speaking to Lord Stark about setting up an arrangement between their houses as Yale Stark has shown an interest in her. Daern gets a raven from his mother with contents unknown to the rest of the group. Jaelyn gets letter from her brother Jensen.


Collection of Songs

The breakfast of wrath
The day young Baratheon learned a sharp lesson

After being at the Eyrie for a weeks time when all of the foster children were together to break their fast more ravens came. While reading their ravens Opal Stark became upset running from the room. Margot, Lady Elinor Tyrell, and Daern Martell went after her to comfort her and convince her to come back to the main room.

Shortly after the group was once again whole Hector Baratheon said, “Not only is your father a kinslayer but your brother is a craven raper too?” Which resulted in Talon greyjoy stabbing Hector in the hand with a fork and Daern Martell stabbing him in the arm. Titus and Margot talked the two boys down as Hector was taken off by the maester. Titus and Margot explained for the next couple days (or at least tried) why the reaction while understandable was not the wisest choice. Lord Jace Arryn scolded the two boys and also explained to the group that sometimes actions have consequences and as young Lords and Ladies they had to be better then that. He also warned that Lady Baratheon would likely make a march once the news reached her about what had happened to Hector. Elinor mentioned she had invited Lady and Lord Tyrell up to the Eyrie, causeing Lord Arryn to further lossing his temper scolding her for not informing hiom or asking his whether he would mind their visit but he concented it was too late to refuse the invitation.

It was found out by the group that Opal’s brother standa accussed of raping/taking advantage of Lord Bolton’s only daughter and was caught in the act. According to Talon Lord Willis Stark refused Lord Reynard Bolton the right to try and regain his daughter’s honor even going so far as to declare his son better then a Bolton.

During this time another attack was done by the hill tribes. It was found out that the hill tribe had some castle forged weapons again. Many theroies were spun about what this along with the bandits might mean. Titus and Talon thought it a band of sellsword causing trouble for the area. Elinor advised she thought they were likely hired to cause chaos. Daern thought it likely it was caused by a House trying to gain a foothold in the area. Margot thought it likely it was someone who wanted to kidnape them as it would be hold an heir or child of a Great House.

Lord Arryn informed the group that after Lady Baratheon came (as he had feared she would) he would be making a journey north to escort some prisoners north to the wall. Many of the group voiced wanting to accompany the company going north.

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The Feast of Folly
poisoned wine

After the events of the previous week Hector Baratheon seemed to take the sharp lesson he was dealt the week before to heart. Preparing for the arrival of Window Beatrice Baratheon seemed to pay off for as she arrived (with Lord Alessander Tyrell, Arianne Tyrell and Edmund Stark ) Lord Jace Arryn advised they were going to have a tournement in their honor as well as a feast. He also explained away Talon and Daern Martell’s behavior in a way that pleased Edmund Stark forcing Window Baratheon to accept it as well.

Lady Elinor Tyrell had a private conversation with her parents before the feast. Edmund Stark spoke to Talon and Daern Martell to find out more about the disagreement with Hector.

At the feast many were gathered through out the vale as well as all the foster children minus Daern Martell for he was still seated in the skycell. During the music everyone got up to dance at least once even with Titus Lannister asking Window Baratheon to dance. In the middle of the feast Arianna Tyrell offered a cup of wine to everyone that she had made herself. Many people took the wine and soon after many fell ill. Among them where Hector, Elinor and Edmund stark.

Margot Tully went to fetch the Maester while Jaelyn Arryn sent her handmaid to fetch Daern Martell. The Maester tried as best he could to save as many as possible but did not seem to have the skill needed. Daern took over treated the poisoned figuring out what had been done as it was similar to what ELinor had talked about of her mother. The obvious suspect seemed to be Arianna Tyrell with her strange behavior, odd new god and complete lack of worry. The group of foster children decided to go over the facts and while most believed Arianna may have been involved they did not believe she was the only suspect.

Daern was able to save most of the victims but among the dead were some of the knights as well as Edmund Stark. The group decided to stay in the maester’s chambers that night in case anyone made another attempt on anyones life.

In the morning they were told Arianna Tyrell had decided on a trial for her guilt that would take place two weeks from that day to allow someone to come and defend Lady Arianna as none in the Vale seemed willing to take up the cause.

Trials and dark words
Dark Wings Dark Words

With the trial drawing near of Arianne Tyrell many of the subjects of the Vale came to watch as while as the tournement. During the inbetween weeks an attempt on Titus Lannister and Talon Greyjoy was made. Daern Martell had been in the mountains fallowing leads on more bandits and disrupting the mountain clans who had been attacking the vale.

The tournement was a sight to behold. Valygar Targaryen won the marksmenship giving his flower to Jaelyn Arryn. Marillion Bolton won the grand melee giving his flower to Opal Stark. And with a shock Hector Baratheon won thr joust also giving a flower to Opal.

When the trail was started Arianne Tyrell changed her mind to do trial by combat and declared Daern Martell her champion. Many of the vale Knights were uncomfortable fighting a young man and also the heir to Sunspear. Finally Ser Leon Coldwater stepped forward to take the task. During the combat Daern Martell slayed Ser Coldwater. Many did not think Arianne innocent but Lord Jace Arryn enforced the ruling.

It was noted by many this meant the person responsable for the poisoning was still unpunished and would be looked into further. It was also noted that The party from Storm’s End had left by that point.

At the lunch there after a royal decree was mailed revelaing the new master of laws to be Robery Manderly and the new hand of the king to be Lord Thorn Florent. It was declared that Jamemerys Targaryen was guilty of conspiring to disrupt the King’s peace therefore he was banished. It was also announced that Mikiael Targaryen and Yaesemin Targaryen were both killed in a mysterous fire on Dragonstone.

A knight was then accused of having slept with Lady Arianne and that the Tyrell heir was now nothing more then a bastard. With help from some of the fosterlings this matter was removed form Lord Arryn’s per view. Daern interagated the bandits he had brought back from the mountain and reported his findings to Lord Arryn.

Lord Arryn announced they would still be making their journey to the north to drop prisoners off at the wall and see Winterfell. Lord Arryn also brought along three other ships besides the one carrying the prisoners. He advised they were supplies for the wall as well as some men to be brought along in case there were other bandits along the way.


Collection of songs and stories

Young Wyvern
Play at war

The Clans men were hungry, with wolves at their heels
They rabble marched forth with axes and song
They Raided the Vale, for Women and Steel
The Falcon shrieked vengeance, to show they were strong
‘To Me!’ said the young man, the Southron did laugh
‘Lord Falcon, give me your men and I will show them your might
I’ll march to the hills, the spear of your wrath’
The Falcon agreed, and they marched off to Fight

We do not play at war boy, for danger grows near
My spear is no toy, Wyverns know no fear

They marched off to war, to the mountains they fly
To punish the bandits and show them the light
For none can stand the Glory of two great bodies in Sky
The Clans men they trembled, who could stand such a sight
The armies they battled, though their end was assured
They fell to the Dornishman’s plan
The Burned men bent knee, the victory secured
None could escape once the battle began

I do not play at war, hear my enemy’s cries
Let all grown men tremble, for The Young Wyvern Flies!

(song of Daern Martell dealing with the Mountain clans in the vale)


A collection of songs and stories

The Siege of Winterfell
War in the North

After two weeks at sea the wards and Lord Arryn’s forces arrive at East Watch by the sea. While there all the wards see The Wall for the first time. Jaelyn Arryn traded some books with the maester at the wall. Lady Elinor Tyrell had a confrontation with Alester Florent, a friend from her childhood. There was also a trip beyound the wall to see a godswood while Opal Stark explained how they worshipped the old gods.

On the journey to Winterfell the group was joined by a gaurd of somekind that seemed to be guiding the group. When they arrived at Winterfell they found it under siege by Martell, Greyjoy, Arryn and some of the Stark Bannermen including Lord Reynard Bolton. Daern Martell and Talon Greyjoy both went to their respective families seemingly to get briefed on what had happened. It became clear to the group that the only thing keeping the forces from charging the castle was that Lord Willis Stark refused to give up Jensen Arryn.

Titus Lannister and Margot Tully came up with the plan to try and parlay with Lord Stark while the inside man as wll as Jaelyn’s handmaid snuck into the keep to retrieve the boy. As the whole group stood in the entrance to try and get terms. Jaelyn advised that it would be smarter to hand over her brother then to have the many men there invade. Titus pointed out how weak his position was. Daern implied Opal’s life may not be her own if Jensen Arryn was not returned. Talon took oftense to the idea that Opal would be harmed.

As the group walked back to the tents to inform the leaders of the households that Willis Stark would not yeild Jaelyn’s handmaid as well as Marillion Bolton arrived with Jensen Arryn safe and mostly unharmed.

Lord Jace Arryn sent the wards to go back to the Eyrie while he finished up the taking of Winterfell with his forces.


Collection of songs and stories

Major events
what happened in the three months the war in the north raged
  • Lord Reynard Bolton married Widow Cora Stark
  • Lord Alessander Tyrell has married (for a thrid time)
  • Opal Stark has her 15th nameday
  • Hector Baratheon has his 17th nameday
  • Yale Stark is kept in High Garden for a time while before Lord Tyrell petions and wins from the king “adopting” Yale as a Tyrell and naming him heir of High Garden
  • The north seems to being split between the Boltons and The Greyjoys with little fussing from the Lords of the north
  • Dornish forces are rumored to be focusing most of their attakcs on Storm’s End while not doing anything to declare all out war they are making life unpleasent.
  • Lord Penrose calls off the engagement between Hector Baratheon and his daughter.
  • Lord Tully has twins with his second wife ( a boy and a girl)
  • Tristan Lannister seems to have caught some kind of sickness recently which has caused Hadrian Lannister to call in a great deal of maester and others who understand healing.
  • King Baerion is displeased with the events and how they went down in the north but with Arryn and house Bolton having just cause to go to war with House stark and Greyjoy and Martell forces being justified to help their allies little can be done
  • Amelia Baratheon fell down a flight of stairs in the Red Keep breaking her neck and dying, leaving Hector Baratheon the only child of Widow Baratheon and the late Jaerth Baratheon.
  • Rhallenyra Targaryen, Lady of Dragonstone, claims to be pregnant again
  • There has been an influx of fallowers of this Red God through out the area of westeros below the Twins but does not seem to be getting much headway above
  • There is a band of Bandits and Sellswords calling themselves Burning Brothers who convert or kill for the Red God
  • Many refugess have either gone north or as far south to Storm’s End as they can get
  • The Faith of the Seven has also answered this influx with Septons and Septas preaching in the streets.
  • Engagement between Margot Tully and Yale Tyrell announced.
  • Engagement between Daern Martell and Jaelyn Arry announced.
  • Engagement between Elinor Tyrell and Balthon Greyjoy called off.


A collection of songs and stories

Bells ring for many a reason
Namedays, engagements and Tragedies

After the war in the north was won the fosterlings made the trip to The Reach to celebrate the engaggement of Margot Tully and Yale Tyrell. There was a small tournement and some gifts exchanged and many well wishes. Also during this celebration the Lannisters and the Tullys have a conversation that seems to releave some of the tension between the two great houses.

As they made their journey to King’s Landing for Valygar Targaryen‘s name day they run across a town the Burning Brother’s had recently hit. While searching the town Valygar, Talon Greyjoy and Daern Martell rush into a burning building to save some children who had been left inside.

Once at King’s Landing the group is allowed free access to the city for a day before the feast begins. There is another tournement in Valygar’s honor. Talon wins the grand melee, Daern and Yale compete and Daern wins. In a jounior joust Valygar wins. While in the stands Jaelyn Arryn and Margot are congradulated on their engaggments while most either ignore or insult Lady Elinor Tyrell.

Once the feast begins there is much dance with a noticable incident of Hector Baratheon and Zhoe Lannister have a couple dances themselves. Elinor is also largely ignored during the feast. A surprise to most is the arrival of Rhallenyra Targaryen in the middle of the feast. Later in the evening Queen Aemys excusses herself to go to bed, with a notice from Jaelyn Arryn who rushes to the Queen to inform her of the danger that she is bleeding. Jaelyn send her hand maiden to fetch Grand Maester Dornel as she fetches King Baerion.

With the departing of King Baerion from the feast Titus, Margotn and Elinor fallow to discover that there is danger with the queen. The Grand Maester sends each on a task to fetch him somethings to help the queen. Water, fresh towels, a potion from his chambers and a man from one of the far towers who arrived in a large robe, and a numbe rof the King’s Gaurd. Where the rest of the fosterlings discover what has happened.

Margot, Jaelyn and ELinor go to distract Beatrice Baratheon as they feel she may have something to do with some events as Jaelyn revealed that Widow Baratheon had a large bottle of Moon Tea in her room. Also during this distraction Hector, Valygar, Talon and Daern get into a bit of a brawl while Titus and Opal stay outside of the room where the Queen is to pray.

After some hours later The King leaves the room with the hooded man, Rhaxes Martell and two small babies. The bells ring to inform the kingdom of the death of the Queen.


Collection fo Songs and Stories


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