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  • Bolton

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/218028/250px-Bolton.jpg(250px bolton)! *Our Blades are sharp* The Boltons are an ancient and powerful house of the North who for many centuries were bitter rivals of the Kings in the North. The Boltons finally …

  • Lady Cora Stark

    Cora Tyrell was a bright and happy child in HighGarden. She had been one of the most beautiful Lady's at court and her father received many marriage contracts for her hand from all manner of Lords. Her Lord father decided instead to send his only daughter …

  • Lord Reynard Bolton

    There has been a long standing rivalry of the House Stark and House Bolton from back when Stark was known as King in the North. There were even tensions back when old Lord Bolton married his daughter to the now Lord Reaper of Pyke. Reynard on the other …

  • Marillion Bolton

    With the death of his brother Marillion is now the new heir of Dreadfort. He speaks little but seems to have just as sharp a mind as his father.

  • Denn Bolton

    He is a carefree boy who has been shown to have a skill with marksmenship, He is known for being an old playmate of Dutch Stark. With in recent months there seems to have formed some sort of rift between them.

  • Jayne Bolton

    The only daughter of Lord Bolton she has been a subject of much affection through the north. Her beauty and kind heart were well known in the north. Recently noone has seen her outside of Dreadfort.

  • Elton Bolton

    Elton is the youngest of the Bolton children only of the age of 4. He was among the survivers of the Bandits at the crossroads.

  • Lady Alayna Greyjoy

    Alayna is the only daughter of the Bolton family, who were extremely eager to have a connection through marriage to one of the great houses. It is said that Lord Willis Stark of Winterfell was so furious that one of his Bannermen married his only daughter …