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  • House Targaryen

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/218016/41-8RFnm_NL__SL500_AA300_.jpg! *Fire and Blood* House Targaryen, of the blood of old Valyria, was the royal house of Westeros. Their ancestral fortress was Dragonstone before they established the city of …

  • Mikiael Targaryen

    Mikiael is the Second son of the Lord and Lady of Dragonstone. He is known for acting far older then his current age. He has been taken almost everywhere is Lord father goes, as if to teach him how to rule despite it being his elder brother’s birth right. …

  • Valygar Targaryen

    Valygar “little dragon” Targaryen was the first child born to Lady Rhaellenyra and Lord Yaesemin. He was only allowed to stay at Dragonstone until he had his fourth name day when his uncle King Baerion took him to go and foster with the Arryn’s. Though he …

  • Jaemerys Targaryen

    Jaemerys is the third son of King Baelor and Queen Rhea, He spent most of his childhood being the peace between his two older brothers and protecting his elder sister. He read many books and spoke to most of his father’s small council. Jaemerys seemed to …

  • Vhaella Targaryen-Martell

    Vhaella Targaryen was the second daughter born to King Baelor and Queen Rhea. She was considered to be Prince Yaesemin’s bride when they were of age. She was head strong and had a bit of a wild streak in her blood. She had a history of scaring her …

  • Yaesemin Targaryen

    Yaesemin was the second born son to King Baelor and Queeen Rhea. It was apparent from an early age that Yaesemin was not like his siblings. He learned quickly but has a violent and ruthless manner around him. He was raised the same as his siblings but …

  • Rhallenyra Targaryen

    Rhaellenyra was born the second child to King Baelor and Queen Rhea. She was considered a kind soul and spent most of her childhood being groomed for being Queen, she was known for talking to the members of court and pleading their cases to her father if …

  • Queen Aemys

    Queen Aemys is the youngest of her siblings. Little is known of her as King Baerion has kept her with him for most of her life. It is believed she is the most beautiful women in King’s Landing and seems to have a softheart.

  • King Baerion

    King Baerion of House Targaryen first of his name King of the Andals the Rhoynar and the First Men Lord of the Seven Kingdoms Protector of the Realm was the first of the Children or to King Baelor and Queen Rhea. He had been a smart child with an error- …

  • Jamaella Targaryen

    The first born child of the old queen before she died. She was named after [[:jamemerys-targaryen | Jamemerys Targaryen]] by the king.

  • Rhagar Targaryen

    One of the Cousins of the Royal line of Targaryens. He was the captain of [[:yaesemin-targaryen | Yaesemin Targaryen]]'s steward. He has two sons and his wife recently died by being put to the flame for the Red God. He had a sickness as a child that left …

  • Neyres Targaryen

    born on the same day as Daern Martell, and her parents are rumored to have been in talks with Martells for a wedding contract.

  • Valarr Targaryen

    The poorest of the Targaryen Cousins. He has no position and no power. It is rumored he let [[:yaesemin-targaryen | Yaesemin Targaryen]] repeatedly rape his sister-wife in hopes of gaining favor.

  • Balor Targaryen II

    [[:rhagar-targaryen | Rhagar Targaryen]]'s Eldest son. His wife was also sent to the fires of the Red God leaving him alone to raise their three children (ages 1, 2, and 4).

  • Dolarys Targaryen

    Dolarys is [[:rhallenyra-targaryen | Rhallenyra]]'s main companion though she does not share her mistress's faith. She is [[:paeton-targaryen | Paeton Targaryen]]'s wife.

  • Visenya Targaryen II

    [[:paeton-targaryen | Paeton Targaryen]]'s second daughter. She lost her husband on her wedding day for having a wedding in secret to the Seven.

  • Alysanys Targaryen

    Third and youngest daughter of [[:dolarys-targaryen | Dolarys]] and [[:paeton-targaryen | Paeton Targaryen]], Alysanys is 16 years old and is well known and liked among those of her House on Dragonstone for being kind and quiet. As a young girl, she …