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  • House Tully

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/218022/House-Tully-Sigil.png(House tully sigil)! *Family Duty Honor* House Tully of Riverrun, is one of the Great Houses of Seven Kingdoms. The Tullys rule over the Riverlands from their seat at Riverrun. Their …

  • Lord Commander Lucus Tully

    *Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch Lucus Tully* Lucus Tully was the second in line to the riverlands. He had proven himself to be a good warrior but found knighthood held no interest for him. On his brother’s wedding to Ella Lannister he made the …

  • Kortneigh Tyrell

    Lady Kortneigh was the middle child of her siblings with a gift for music and song. She was also well known for her kind heart and beautiful voice. She went to the wedding of Cora Tyrell and Willis Stark where she and Alessander met eyes across the sept. …

  • Lady Ella Tully

    Ella Lannister was married to Nicholas Tully to better the relations between the two houses. As she had been very sickly as a child she was bedridden most of her life. While their marriage had been very happy with the birth of their daughter she could not …

  • Iris Tully

    Iris Pipper married Desmon Tully in a small wedding that had been setup by Nicholas Tully. She has a beauty that does indeed reflect that of her former house. She has given Desmon Tully many children the eldest of which is Markus Tully.

  • Lord Desmon Tully

    Desmon is the youngest of the Tully Lords. He is a brash but loyal membner of his brother's councle. He handles most of the Tully's ships and trade while his brother handles the politics.

  • Audrey Tully

    As Lord Tully's second wife she seems to have been picked as her family is renown for bearing many children. She is currently pregnant with Lord Tully's second child. She smiles often and seems kind enoguh to talk to though not a very sharp mind.

  • Lord Nicholas Tully

    Lord Nicholas Tully is a kind ruler and cares deeply for his people. Though when his first wife died he, in his grief, offended Lord Hadrian Lannister and the two have not spoken since. With the death of his first wife he took a second wife who was half …