House Targaryen

Fire and Blood

House Targaryen, of the blood of old Valyria, was the royal house of Westeros. Their ancestral fortress was Dragonstone before they established the city of King’s Landing and their stronghold of the Red Keep within it. Their sigil is a red three-headed dragon, breathing flame on black.

King Baerion

Queen Aemys dead

Princess Jamaella Targaryen

Princess Veryon Targaryen

Prince Malgaelir

Jamemerys Targaryen

Queen Rhallenyra Targaryen

Yaesemin Targaryen dead

Vhaella Targaryen-Martell

Valygar Targaryen

Aenar Targaryen (baby) dead

Mikiael Targaryen dead

Cousins of Dragonstone

Maekar Targaryen & Alysanne Targaryen

Neyres Targaryen

Traedenmyre Targaryen & Sara Greyjoy

Dolarys Targaryen & Paeton Targaryen

Rhaenys Targaryen II

Visenya Targaryen II

Alysanys Targaryen dead

Rhagar Targaryen

Balor Targaryen II

Dearion Targaryen II

Valarr Targaryen & Valsaea Targaryen


Naerion Blackfyre dead & Daenarys Blackfyre

Dracarys Blackfyre

Eliana Blackfyre

Rhea Blackfyre


House Targaryen

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