350px roberts rebellion

House Arryn Rumors:

  • It is widely believed Aenys Arryn killed the previous Lord Arryn so she and her children would not be sent back to Bravvos.
  • Aenys Arryn is rumored to be some kind of famous murderer from Braavos
  • With Arryn and Martells alliance being built upon Daern Martell and Jaelyn Arryn many suddenly fear that Jace Arryn might be more of a threat then they had originally thought him to be.

House Baratheon rumors:

  • Seems that the Baratheons may have joined in some alliance with the Martells and Arryns.
  • A rumor has been building impling Hector Baratheon may in fact be a bastard.

House Greyjoy Rumors:

  • It is rumored that the entire Greyjoy and Bolton forces of the north and attack plans were made by Talon Greyjoy.

*Tallon Greyjoy is turning out to be the Lord Reaper the Iron Islands always thought he would be.

  • It would seem that the north is being split up between Bolton loyal houses and Greyjoy to make a new region.
  • There have been some converts to the faith of Drowned God in the north
  • Sara Greyjoy and Traedenmyre Targaryen seem to have a oddly happy marriage.
  • Balthon Greyjoy and Opal Stark seem to be ruling the North with promise.

House Lannister Rumors:

  • Titus has quick thinking and an ability to keep a calm hand on some of the others he is fostered with.
  • With Titus Lannister becoming a Septon there are talks with his hero status with in the church and his instramental efforts with in the past years for the church that he maybe in the running for High Septon.

House Martell rumors:

  • They are bidding their time to take the iron throne from the Targaryens
  • It is thought the Young Wyvern Daern Martell was also in charge of arranging the battle plans of the Martell forces in the War of the North.
  • Daern Martell seems to be selling food and goods throughout the seven kingdoms
  • Daern Martell has been winning many tournaments becoming a fan favorite
  • Daern’s capture of the Shadow Player has got him much praise in the Seven Kingdoms.
  • To keep Jaemerys from falling into the hands of Zhoe Lannister it is thought a wedding contract might be in the proccess of being made with Vhaella Targaryen-Martell.

House Targaryen rumors:

  • Valygar seems to have stayed true to the faith of the seven
  • Valygar shows all signs of being a good King should the crown pass to him combined with the kindness he has been showing to the smallfolk has made him a small fallowing among the faithful of the seven.
  • Rumor has it to keep the line of Targaryen pure Valygar will be engagged to one of the Princesses Jamaella or Veryon Targaryen.
  • Neyres Targaryen is back to trying to court Valygar Targaryen with Alysanys still missing.
  • Rumor has it that the King will be getting a new hand of the king within the next couple of months
  • With the death of Aenar Targaryen (Yaesmin andRhallenyra Targaryen’s third son) being the last act of the Shaodw Player
  • Rhallenyra is pregnant
  • Alysanys has run off to the free cities in order to escape being engagged to Valygar Targaryen
  • Alysanys is dead by the hand of the Shadow Player

House Tyrell Rumors:

  • Margot Tully has become popular among the smallfolk of both the riverlands and the reach with her kind heart and lady like ways.
  • Yale Tyrell has been made Grand Marshall quickly because the Reach looks forwars to having someone with a mind not adled by effection for Elinor Tyrell on the seat of power.
  • Yale Tyrell has the reach ready to defend itsself should the Stormlands or Dorne attack.

House Tully rumors:

  • Margot Tully has become popular among the smallfolk of both the riverlands and the reach with her kind heart and lady like ways.
  • Nicholas Tully is slowly improving in health

House Stark Rumors

  • Many in the north find comfort in the fact that Reynard Bolton has remarried Cora stark as that will likely lead to a better rule.
  • Wildlings have been coming over the wall in increased numbers.



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