For the Realm

Summer major events

Summer Major Events:

• The Sword and Stars seem to be in training to become better defenders of the church and those lands near their locations throughout the Realm
• The Wildlings advancement over the wall continue
• Safe houses for the faithful have been setup throughout most of the realm (even with some multi-faithful safe houses setup in the North and Iron islands)
• The North Greyjoy forces have been aiding the Night’s Watch as well as defending the people
• Titus Lannister was elected as High Septon
• An engagement has been announced between Prince Malgaelir Targaryen and Princess (I haven’t been told the name yet) Martell.
• Opal and Balthon Greyjoy have a son.
• Aenar Targaryen died (forgot to put this in the adventure log)
• Valygar Targaryen has offered a reward for anyone who can give information leading to finding Alysanys Targaryen (10 Golden Dragons)
• Paeton Targaryen was recently arrested for trying to set the library in Dragonstone Keep on fire.
• King Baerion has agreed to allow some of the Wildlings to settle in the Gift of the Night’s Watch in order to maintain order and help the watch defend against any coming threats.
• Alyse Martell has been found and returned to Dorne
• Daern Martell seems to be proving himself to be a wonderful Prince of Dorne.
• Daern Martell found Alysanys beheaded body was found in a small keep in the crownlands.
• All those guilty of being involved in the activities that had kidnapped and murdered her were beheaded.
• The Person responsible for hiring the death of Alysanys Targaryen was burned alive.


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The Trial of the Shadow Player

The wedding of King Baerion and Rhallenyra Targaryen on the first day of Summer is the talk of the realm. At the wedding when all the fosterlings were gathered together once more they heard from Visenya Targaryen that her sister was missing she had a note to prove it. Also they heard of the capture of the Shadow Player and his agents. During which Tallon admitted to helping track the man down.

At breakfast the next morning Maester Jamie examined the note. During the Breakfast Margot, Titus, Jaelyn, Tallon Greyjoy, his wife Tristana, and Opal Greyjoy spoke with Visenya about the disappearence of her twin sister as well as how she went missing. Jaelyn Nymerios Martell-Arryn went to fetch the dragons to see if she could get them to track down Valygar. When Maester Jamie returned he advised that the letter seemed to be in Alysanys own handwritting and that no forger could do that well. Visenya took offense to the essesment that her sister wrote the letter and threw a knife into the maester. Guards were called and she was lead off.

After she left Maester Jamie suggested they go and speak to the man who found the King’s son and the shadow player. As the group made it there they found out the man-a homeless looking begger-was really Daern Martell who had faked his death. Jaelyn went into labor giving birth to two girls and a boy. After Daern presented the evidence and revealed the Shadow Player as Dutch Stark Jaelyn sent a message (through Dragons) to let Valygar know what had happened to his betrothed. He arrived shortly after both surprised by Daern being alive and upset Alysanys had gone missing.

The nest day many trials were held. Dutch Stark stood trial of all the crime sof the shados player—he advised he couldn’t have done it because he was in Lord Reynard Bolton‘s castle being tourtured. Reynard dismissed the claim but as he had no way to prove he did not he did trial by combat. Tallon stood as his champion and Hector Baratheon stood for the crown. Tallon defeated Hector without slaying him. Dutch was found guilty and beheaded. The Sword of the Morning was found innocent and manipulated by the Shadow Player. Archia Martell was found guilty and given a cup on wine and died. Hector was found to be manipulated and unwise but allowed to be a King’s Guard still.


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The Game

After two weeks during which Valygar Targaryen has disappeared and Grand Maester Dornel died Titus called the fosterlings (Plus Sellsword Clegan, Maester Jamie and Alysanys Targaryen) to a meeting.

During the meeting each revealed what little they had learned in the two weeks; Margot knew which seller the shadow player was getting ink from and they each throw thoughts around about how Hector was in Dorne and whether that meant he really was the shadow player. Titus advised he thought someone leaked information. Jaelyn advised of what activities she knew the others had been doing. ALysanys reluctently shared that she knew Valygar had confronted Hector. Everyone pressed her for further information which she gave as bits and pieces.

It was decided with the Free Cities seeming to be calm and waiting for some kind of war to break out (which Dorne seems to be prepareing for) they decide to look into as many people with ties to the free cities as possible. They narrow the list (among those alive) to Lord Jace Arryn and Jaemerys Targaryen. Jaelyn Arryn advises with the tourney happening in two weeks she can investigate her father.

During the two weeks Klegan is sent to Dorne to see if he can verify the rumors and if Hector is inprisoned there. Zhoe Lannister is sent to verify with the nobles. (Both do as well as come back that Dorne believes the only living Martell is the young Archia Martell Klegan mentions that there was something odd about the man in Hector’s cell he could not place.)Maester Jamie clears spends his time going through the Grand Maesters things as well as checking in with the Alcemists guild to see who they sold Wyld Fire too (it is a minor lord in the crown lands). Margot speaks to Yale about anyone his dead brother Dutch may have made contact with in the Free Cities but Yale had no idea. Alysanys speaks to Rhallenyra Targaryen and advises she knows no more then she did before about Valygar’s disappearence. Titus advises watch Jaemerys that he learned was that he and Vhaella Targaryen-Martell have recently begon to have meetings at very odd hours of the day and night.

Once the information was shared and the festivities begun Jaelyn slipped into her father’s office and personal area to see if she could find any information that might point to who the shadow player might be. During the tourney a Mystery Knight appeared and won the whole thing crowning Jaelyn Queen of Love and beauty much to her distaste.


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Tangled Web

With the death of Daern Martell King’s landing was in a state of mourning. The trial of Tallon Greyjoy had little and less to stand on and he was free to go with the request of King Baerion to take car eof the iron islands and see if there are any others who are seeking to endanger the lives of the Royal family.

Tallon left for the Iron islands. Maester Jamie had arrived to King’s landing to recieve further learning form the Grand Maester. Titus had hired a sellsword named Clegane.

When Toby Stokeworth dismissed the fosterlings for the small council meeting ( Clegan, [[:alysanys-targaryen | Alysanys Targaryen], Maester Jamie plus the fosterlings [minus Hector] sneaked into the walls to listen to the meeting). During the meeting it was revealed that he had information that implied Archia Martell was involved in the killing of Daern and the attempts on his life. It was also implied that he may have had his sister Alyse Martell and father Prince Hrithik Martell killed in the sick camps. Vhaella Targaryen-Martell was wrath at the accusation against her nine year old son, King Baerion seemed to doubt the sources of such news.

The fosterlings (minus Valygar and Hector) decided to look into the business of the shadow player. After Maester Jamie’s extensive skill, Titus’ ability to have people fallowed and get some letters, with Margot getting some writting from the small council. With everything gathered together it seemed that evidence did seem to point to Hector Baratheon either being the shadow player or at least in his employment. Jaelyn Arryn suggested that a trap be set to prove he was responsible. Clegane warned that he thought it might be a trick.


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The Trial of Rhallenyra Targaryen

After 11 months apart the fosterlings regathered for the trial of Rhallenyra Targaryen on the charges of disrupting the King’s peace and the murder of her husband-brother Yaesemin and her second son. Daern Martell acted as Hand during the trial. It was discovered that Naerion Blackfyre was responsible for the murders and that Rhallenyra Targaryen had no part in the forming of the Burning Brother’s.

After the trial Rhallenyra, her attendents plus Alysanys Targaryen, Vhaella Targaryen-Martell, Titus Lannister and Valygar Targaryen went to the sept of Balor for Rhallenyra to be brought back to the faith of the seven. Daern sent two King’s guard Ser Dale Selmy and Hector Baratheon,plus 50 gold cloaks along with them.

A riot broke out during which the High Septon was burned alive and Rhallenyra suffered a great burn. Some of the rioters made it into the Red Keep. Some tried to kill the king, some tried to murder the Royal toddlers (plus Lady rhallenyra’s infent son) but Jaelyn Arryn-Martell arrived and saved the children. Tallon Greyjoy took to slaying some of the rioters who got into the red keep. Margot Tyrell kept the ladies calm. Titus and Alysanys took to treating the wounded while they waited in the Great Sept for the rioting to finish.

After all the rioting was finished Valygar introduced the other fosterlings to Alysanys.

News came from Dragonstone that Naerion Blackfyrre had disappeared but the crown took the rest of his family into custody. A bounty of 100 Gold Dragons has been offered for the Naerion Blackfyre returned to King’s Landing alive.

The sickness seems to have spread to most of the port cities.


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Major Events Spring

Major Events:
• Spring continues
• Titus Lannister is credited with the tactics and plan of the battle that crushed the Burning Brother’s, the High Septon declares him a hero of the faith
• Tristan Lannister seems to have recovered from his bout of illness but has not returned to the strength and endurance he once held.
• Hadrian and Rosmund Lannister have another daughter (a small event held)
• Margot and Yale Tyrell have a son (there is a grand event held for his birth)
• The bastard of Dutch Stark and Jayne Bolton is being fostered in the Reach
• Reynard and Cora Bolton have a daughter (a small event held mostly northern lords)
• The Faith of the Seven have an influx of faithful
• The Greyjoys seems to spend this time strengthening their alliances and lands.
• Valygar Targaryen seems to spend most of the downtime journeying amongst the areas affected by the Burning Brothers and doing charity with Hector Baratheon being his companion.
• Tristana Greyjoy gives Lord Reaper Tallon twin sons ( a rather grand event is held)
• Margot and Yale Tyrell put most of the coin in the reach to rebuild the damage within the Reach.
• Hadrian Lannister puts all of the coin to rebuild the Westerlands
• Desmon Tully puts as much coin into rebuilding the Riverlands as they can afford, with some coin being provided by Lannister, Greyjoy and Tyrell.
• Dutch Stark’s body is discovered in White Harbor’s dungeons though no one remembers how he got there.
• Rumors of Hectoer Baratheon’s low birth continue
• Rhallenyra Targaryen gives birth to a son while still in prisoned on Dragonstone
• Widow Margaret Tyrell gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl.
• A betrothal between Traedenmyre Targaryen and Sara Greyjoy is announced.
• Jace Arryn shows amazing skill at being master of law
• Vhaella Martell Seems to be a harsher hand then those before her and has not gained many favor among the smallfolk and minor lords.
• Ser Randall Bolton of the King’s guard dies of old age.
• Elinor and Lodbrok Botely have a daughter (modest event but small)
• Jareth Baratheon’s long lost brother returns to Westeros
• Hector is knighted
• Dragons are rumored to be hatching
• Valygar is knighted
• Daern and Jaelyn Martell have their first child, a son (large celebration)
• Tomas Baratheon returns to Storm’s End and takes over being Lord from Hector
• An engaggemnt between Tomas Baratheon and Nymeria Martell is announced
• Jaemerys Targaryen, with the evidence brought forward by Valygar Targaryen is no longer banished but is not given back the position of hand
• Hector Baratheon becomes member of the King’s Guard
• Hakkan Greyjoy and Alyna Greyjoy are murdered by assassins
• King Baerion is poisoned, putting him on a bedrest while Grand Maester trys to help him recover.
• Elinor Botely is arrested and charged with: treason, murdering Alayna Grey joy & Hakkan Greyjoy, disrupting the King’s peace and attempting to kill King Baerion.
• House Botely is purged from the Iron islands in the same way House Harlaw was
• Balthon Greyjoy is named warden of the north shortly after his wedding to Opal Stark
• Elinor Botely was renounced and disavowed from the Reach by Lord Marshall Yale Tyrell
• Elinor Botely escapes the black cells after slaying two of her jailers and escaping into the night
• Widow Margaret Tyrell died while on a ship to go and visit her father, along with her children and the child that was rumored to be the bastard of Arianna Webber’s.
• A large amount of money has been offered by the crown for any news or information leading to the recapture of Elinor
• Sara Greyjoy is named Lord commander of the Iron fleet

  • High Septon goes and gives blessing and praise to everyone who was involved in taking down the Burning Brothers
  • Titus Lannister goes on a quest to track down any remaining fallows of the order as well as the person who set up the group, Albert Flowers
  • Titus Lannister returns victorious with the head of Albert Flowers

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Darkwings, weddings

Few weeks after the Blood King’s Moot the Fosterlings gathered once again first for Lady Elinor Tyrell‘s wedding to Lodbrok Botely, a very quick wedding. Shortly after Tallon Greyjoy and Tristana Lannister’s wedding a lavish affair.

After arriving at the Eyrie Lord Jace Arryn gets a Raven advising him he has been elected as Master of Law. He packs the fosterlings and some of his household to make a journey to King’s Landing. Along the way they are briefly accosted by bandits but they make it through with limited casualties.


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The Faiths of our Fathers
a sermon Titus gave

“To the day he died, my father was a religious man. It got him killed. When my uncle the Lord Lannister took me in, he tried to make me understand that the things owed to one’s Liege are more than oaths. They are debts to your liege, and we must pay our debts. They protect you, both from other lords and from marauders, and in return you give them your service.

“The same is true of your parents. Your parents give you everything, not just your life, but your morals and ideals too. They ask for something in return, to be sure— but it is reverence that should be given to your parents, not simply obedience. When they die, you revere their memory and do your best to serve that, for they can no longer ask anything of you.

“Should we then show greater devotion to The Father over our fathers? Or to The Mother over our mothers? Not at all. Because we only know their names and rites because of our fathers and our mothers. Their knowledge has been passed to us. So it is in the Riverlands as it is in Dorne as it is in King’s Landing as it is in the Westerlands. And so it is in the North and the Iron Islands, where they revere the Old Gods and the Drowned God over the Seven: they do it because it was the faith of their fathers.

“Our fathers, our families, are what make us strong. What we have we pass to our children, and what our parents had they passed to us, and to our sisters and brothers. Our families keep us afloat though the ship is burned and keep us breathing though the air turned to smoke; they feed us when we have no food and give us water when all around us is salt.
“Without family, we are nothing: see how even the lowest-born clings to his name when there is nothing else left to him! We would die for our names, small and lonely though they be. We would die for our brothers and our sisters, for our fathers and for our mothers.
“So what of these unnamed Burning souls that wander the wilderness? Have you ever seen a family of them? Have you ever seen a community? Have they ever been anything other than outcasts, seeking to find some solace when they are bereft of the only comfort the world has given them? It is true, there is the occasional Red Sheep among an otherwise White family, but these are rare. They call themselves Burning Brothers but there are no brothers among them, no fathers, no mothers, no children.

“Their faith is not one that has been passed down from parent to child. It is not one that has endured the tests of time. It is born out of loneliness and anger, out of men without leaders or ranks or the courage that true family gives us. They are not to be feared, but pitied. They are not to be held in respect, but contempt. For they are weak and they are craven and they are few and they are dying. And we are strong and brave and many and growing. And we have family in our hearts and the faith of our fathers in our breasts and the Warrior’s blessing bright about us and with the Seven at our sides, we shall not fail.”

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Weddings, Name Days, and the Blood King's Moot

The fosterlings made their way to Dorne to witness Daern Martell and Jaelyn Arryn wed. The festivities were grand and expansive. The Septon of Sunspear gave a very moving sermon before the wedding that seemed to move everyone. The feast had seven courses and seven different varity of entertainment. During the bedding a minstral was found dead in the bridal chamber having the party moved to a different room.

After the wedding there were mounted archery, horse racing and a joust which was won by the same mystery knight who appeared at Yale and Margot’s wedding.

Lord Arryn throw a compinded Name Day even for Tallon Greyjoy, Daern, Titus Lannister and Margot Tyrell.

After this there was a journey to Old Wyke to watch the King’s Moot of The Iron Islands to decide on it’s new leadership. While Tallon was up in the chamber the fosterlings were in the feast tent with many of the Ironborn who were not captains. During this Harlaw, and those loyal to his house, started to butcher and murder all who stood against him. Daern Martell fought agaist them slaying a good number. The Fosterlings took Lady Alayna Greyjoy with them as they relocated to saftey.

Daern Martell brought forth evidence that Widow Baratheon had hired the Harlaws to do this butchering and meant to have most of the fosterlings killed and blame him for the crime. The Ironborn slaughtered all of House Harlaw and those loyal to him. The King’s Moot was restarted after purging the Harlaws. The winner of the King’s moot and the new Lord Reaper of Pyke was decided to be Tallon Greyjoy.


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Name Days and a Wedding

After making it home to the Eyrie from King’s landing the fosterlings celebrated Jaelyn Arryn’s name day. Titus was off preaching of the Seven as well as visiting his cousin to make sure his health was improving. There was a joust in her honor. Hector Baratheon was knocked from his horse early in the tournement. Daern Martell and Tallon Greyjoy faced one another and after hitting eachother three times Lord Arryn declared Daern the winner of that round. The final joust was between Valygar Targaryen and Daern with Daern winning. During this visit Yale Stark was seen speaking to Lord Arryn. A raven arrived advising Widow Baratheon had gone missing.

A couple weeks later they celebrated Lady Elinor Tyrell‘s name day. There was an archery competition but a lack of jousting due to the loss recently suffered. There was a horse race which Valygar won (though Daern and he were tied up until Valygar’s horse made a sound that seemed to disquiet Daern’s mount). Another raven arrived stating Widow Baratheon is wanted for her involvement in poisoning the queen which resulted in her death.

The Fosterlings then made their way to the Reach for Margot and Yale’s wedding. It was held in the eyes of the Old Gods with a mix of northern and southern foods and traditions. Most of the families of the Reach and Riverlands were there as well as the Lannisters, Greyjoys, and Boltons. The Targaryens of Dragonstone crashed the feast (something that is still considered an honor) due to traveling to Dorne for Daern and Jaelyn’s wedding within the next couple of weeks. The next morning there was a boat race-which Sara Greyjoy won. There was a joust were a Myster Knight won the whole thing.


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