For the Realm

The Trial of Rhallenyra Targaryen

After 11 months apart the fosterlings regathered for the trial of Rhallenyra Targaryen on the charges of disrupting the King’s peace and the murder of her husband-brother Yaesemin and her second son. Daern Martell acted as Hand during the trial. It was discovered that Naerion Blackfyre was responsible for the murders and that Rhallenyra Targaryen had no part in the forming of the Burning Brother’s.

After the trial Rhallenyra, her attendents plus Alysanys Targaryen, Vhaella Targaryen-Martell, Titus Lannister and Valygar Targaryen went to the sept of Balor for Rhallenyra to be brought back to the faith of the seven. Daern sent two King’s guard Ser Dale Selmy and Hector Baratheon,plus 50 gold cloaks along with them.

A riot broke out during which the High Septon was burned alive and Rhallenyra suffered a great burn. Some of the rioters made it into the Red Keep. Some tried to kill the king, some tried to murder the Royal toddlers (plus Lady rhallenyra’s infent son) but Jaelyn Arryn-Martell arrived and saved the children. Tallon Greyjoy took to slaying some of the rioters who got into the red keep. Margot Tyrell kept the ladies calm. Titus and Alysanys took to treating the wounded while they waited in the Great Sept for the rioting to finish.

After all the rioting was finished Valygar introduced the other fosterlings to Alysanys.

News came from Dragonstone that Naerion Blackfyrre had disappeared but the crown took the rest of his family into custody. A bounty of 100 Gold Dragons has been offered for the Naerion Blackfyre returned to King’s Landing alive.

The sickness seems to have spread to most of the port cities.


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