For the Realm

Weddings, Name Days, and the Blood King's Moot

The fosterlings made their way to Dorne to witness Daern Martell and Jaelyn Arryn wed. The festivities were grand and expansive. The Septon of Sunspear gave a very moving sermon before the wedding that seemed to move everyone. The feast had seven courses and seven different varity of entertainment. During the bedding a minstral was found dead in the bridal chamber having the party moved to a different room.

After the wedding there were mounted archery, horse racing and a joust which was won by the same mystery knight who appeared at Yale and Margot’s wedding.

Lord Arryn throw a compinded Name Day even for Tallon Greyjoy, Daern, Titus Lannister and Margot Tyrell.

After this there was a journey to Old Wyke to watch the King’s Moot of The Iron Islands to decide on it’s new leadership. While Tallon was up in the chamber the fosterlings were in the feast tent with many of the Ironborn who were not captains. During this Harlaw, and those loyal to his house, started to butcher and murder all who stood against him. Daern Martell fought agaist them slaying a good number. The Fosterlings took Lady Alayna Greyjoy with them as they relocated to saftey.

Daern Martell brought forth evidence that Widow Baratheon had hired the Harlaws to do this butchering and meant to have most of the fosterlings killed and blame him for the crime. The Ironborn slaughtered all of House Harlaw and those loyal to him. The King’s Moot was restarted after purging the Harlaws. The winner of the King’s moot and the new Lord Reaper of Pyke was decided to be Tallon Greyjoy.


Songs and Stories



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