Daern Martell

The Young Wyvern


Ser Daern Nymeros Martell shows the blood of ancient Rhoynar well. His skin tone is a dark olive, and his hair is a thick and curly black, falling down to his shoulders. Departing from the usual traits of Dorne are his eyes, which are a dark violet inherited from his mother. He is quite attractive, and holds himself with a confidence, despite his young age of 16.


House Martell


Daern was born a healthy boy to Prince Hrithik Martell and Vhaella Targaryen-Martell. It has been rumored that he was named in Targaryen fashion, due to his mother winning a game cyvasse. He spent much of his youth learning what would be necessary to be a Prince of Dorne, and playing in the Water Gardens of Dorne.

Things changed when he was 6. While playing with the heirloom of House Martell, he wounded his cousin Tristane. He scarred his face and took out an eye. It was determined that in order to teach him humility and discipline that he would learn Martial Discipline and Physical combat earlier then was planned.

He was dutiful with his lessons and responsibilities, and at the age of 8 was sent to squire for his Uncle, Rhaxes Martell, Lord commander of the King’s Gaurd. He spent a year as his Uncles Squire, before he was called to Foster at The Vale with several other Noble Youths.

While there, he has done his best to represent his Native Dorne, though his haughty nature, arrogance, and skill have set some individuals on edge with him. Most however find him likable, or attribute his traits to the land of his birth.

At the age of 13, the Daughter of the Lord of the Vale was kidnapped by the Hill Tribes, and Daern rode in the fighting that took place to rescue her. He performed admirably for one of his age, defeating a champion of the clansman in combat on the field.

Despite all of this, there are those who do not like the young Dornish Prince. While he does learn from the Master at Arms, he sticks primarily to Spear and Bow. He only practices Long Sword when it is required of him. He handles the blade easily enough, but seems to focus on the preferred weapon of his home. Also, many are concerned with his behavior towards the young women of the Eyrie. Some would say that his behavior is far to friendly then is proper.

Daern seems to get along well with most of the other wards, although there is some tension between himself and Hector Baratheon, though he usually acts aloof around the other boy. Daern seems to hold a great deal of fondness for his young cousin, Valygar Targaryen

Daern often appears to make brash decisions, from wounding young Hector Baratheon over words that were said, to standing as Arienne Tyrell’s champion in a trial by combat. His reckless behavior is often tempered by well thought out plans and strategy. Leading a force of 300 men into the Mountains of the Moon he suppressed the bandits and rebel clans that were terrorizing the Vale. Then, with the war in the North it is thought that the movements of the Dornish troops operated under his plans and orders. When a plan has been reached, he shows a strong dedication to those plans, regardless of his personal feelings.

With his betrothal to Lady Jaelyn Arryn, he has shown an uncommon amount of dedication and fondness for her. The lascivious attitude he had displayed before seems to have all but vanished.

It has been rumored that the actions of Dorne in The North were done on his orders, and with his plans, though he will tell anyone who listens that it was Lord Dayne of Starfall who commanded the Dornish forces.

Daern was anointed as a night at the Great Sept of Baelor in Kings Landing in his 15th year. Shortly after, Ser Daern was leading troops with Hector Baratheon to root out the Burning Brothers in the Vale.

Something had occurred during their time in the field, for the two of them took a trip to Dorne, and returned with a Valyrian steel weapon each. Ser Daern, in an unprecedented symbol of Piety, is rebuilding an ancient Sept in the Vale that they had found.

Daern Martell

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